Friday, 10 October 2014

Three New Customs Available

I three gorgeous new custom models available to buy.

1. 'Be Our Guest' is a Breyer Classic scale model that has been painted to a chestnut roan
Price: £25.00

2. 'The Bare Necessities' is a Schleich Miniature Horse that has been painted to a brindle
Price: £18.00

3. 'Bat Country' is a Breyer Mini Whinnie who has been added on a base and is brown in colour
Price: £10.00

All very nice models and very unique.

New Share and Like Competition

This is your chance to win a little felt pony to your own requirements.

Check out the Chestnut Ridge Facebook page for detail on how to enter:

Remember to make sure to like, comment and share the picture!

Don't Have Nightmares!!!

Meet Mummy, he is my raffle prize donation for Halloweenies.

He won't be getting cold any time soon!