Friday, 1 November 2019

Vintage Club 2020

Now normally I'm the kind of self restrained person that says "I'm going to BF next year I won't spend money"

But normally doesn't come into it when we look at the 2020 Vintage Club.

First of all I give you everyone's dream horse:

The moment they said it actually came with the comb and stuff they had me!

And then there are the pretty standard Vintage releases like this girl:

And then there's the Gambler's Choice. Take a moment. Breath. Then look...





Yes you are not seeing things, that is an IN BETWEEN MARE GAMBLER'S CHOICE MODEL!!!

I mean if you are not screaming at your laptop right now then why not? How lush do they look? BEYOND LUSH!


So guess what I just joined :p

If you too are completely lacking in self-control you can join the Vintage Club here: