Thursday, 28 March 2013

Design A Horse - One Week Only

There is going to be some serious begging to Brendon that I need one for an Easter present :p

The Live Show Project - Update

Many of you will be aware that at the beginning of the year I started a project. To live show every model I owed at least once. So how's it going? Well I thought I would update you!

First of all how many horses have I qualified...well the answer to that is 54 individual horses (including performance set ups) have been qualified so far. And I've only been to three shows! Dreading BMECS already :p

So what about all those horses that had never been shown before..

Well here are a few stats on them!

49 of the horses who have never been shown before have placed

22 horses who have never been shown before have BMECS qualfiied!

So not bad at all! I have found some real gems hiding amongst my collection, I have even had one horse who I have owned for 6 years and never shown take a champion!

Bare in mind that the above statistics do include 'new' horses but still :p

So yes, the project is actually going quite well. Another show in a week! It's really quite interesting to see what is placing, many horses who I had simply never contemplated ever showing before!