Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Canadian Model Horses

I'm back! And I've come back with a few more model horses (because how could I not). Crackers will do you a more detailed post about his trip at some point but for now here are my new horses.

The first purchases were two Painted Ponies. I bought these at the West Edmonton Mall. It took me basically the entire day to decide which one I wanted and even then I still couldn't really decide! I eventually chose Storm Rider. I've wanted this model for a long time as he is just gorgeous. He has purple and glitter! What more could you want?

I also bought a Christmas Tree decoration one. I chose the Canadian Maple Leaf model as a little reminder of my trip.

Later that day we spotted a Toys R' Us and stopped to have a look. We inspected every single Breyer and settled on this set. A lovely grey Morgan (in the fleabitten grey colour which is one of my favourite OF colours) with a cute little dog as well.

In Kamloops I found another toy shop (I found a lot of these) and had another look. I spotted a good condition Schleich donkey foal. It's a model I've wanted for a while so I picked him up (this guy actually travelled home inside a sock...).

I also bought a Safari Toob. I love the cute little tiny Safari models, the condition is awful but they will all be repainted to look beautiful.

This is all of the horses out of the Toob

The Vanner is definitely my favourite of the bunch

And the little horse and rider sets will be great for mini scale performance!

The final purchase was in a Toy Shop on Granville Island in Vancouver. I just thought this guy was AWESOME!

And here they are all together!