Thursday, 26 July 2018

CollectA Update

Hello everyone,

Those who pre-ordered CollectA horses from our old website will have already got an email about this but I thought it would be prudent to do a Blog post as well to explain to everyone exactly what is going on with the 2018 CollectA range.

Firstly a little explanation as to how buying things work. With most items you do not deal with the company who makes them direct, the vast majority of international brands will have a UK distributor. This is essentially an intermediary company who you purchase your items through.

In the UK CollectA have a UK distributor, this is the company from which we purchase CollectA products. They then order the items from CollectA and pass them onto us.

The 2018 CollectA range was ordered, as always, from this company in February. In May we were told they would soon be arriving and were sent an invoice which was promptly paid.

We have been awaiting the delivery of the stock every since.

Last week we got a letter informing us that the company had become insolvent. For those who don't know what this means it means that as we have sent them money for goods not received we are now a creditor. We may eventually get some money back in several years time but it will not be the amount we are owed.

This obviously also means we won't receive the stock (aka the 2018 CollectA range).

However, we returned home on Tuesday to discover we had actually been sent a parcel with some of the items. Unfortunately some items were missing and one was the incorrect item. But it is better than nothing and does mean we have a few things to offer to you.

We are looking at finding somewhere else to source the 2018 CollectA items we have not received, however, financially this is not great for us and it may be some time before we get them. I am hoping to have some in time for BMECS but I cannot promise this.

The following items have been received and will be offered for sale:

AR Dinosaurs
Bongo Calf
Deluxe Morgan
Friesian Foal
Friesian Stallion
Quarter Horse Stallion - Bay
Falabella Mare
Belgian Mare
Mini Farm Animals
American Quarter Horse Foal
Common Zebra (old style)

I am very sorry about this and I know it is a disappointment for everyone. Some of the items we have got are really nice, at the bottom of this post I've put some in the flesh pictures as well as prices and links.

Where to Buy

The items will be sold in three places with approximately 1/3 being for sale through each place:

New Website
BMECS 2018

The prices will be the same in all three places, although obviously you will have to pay for shipping if you choose to purchase them online!

Our new website will also be working a bit differently to what you are used to when buying model horses online. More about that when it launches!

For now the only place you can get them is through our eBay account here:

Photographs & Prices

Below are some in the flesh pictures of some of the new items and a list of the prices they will be for sale at.

AR Dinosaurs - £4.99 each

Each bag contains a little plastic dinosaur and an AR card which can be used with an app that you download.

Bongo Calf - £4.99

Deluxe Morgan - £19.99

Friesian Foal - £6.75

This foal is absolutely huge! I wanted to do a picture of him next to the Friesian Stallion so you could appreciate just how big he really is.

Friesian Stallion - £9.00

Quarter Horse Stallion Bay - £9.00

Falabella Mare - £9.00

Belgian Mare - £9.00

Mini Farm Animals - £19.99

Sorry I didn't get an out of box image of these guys as I would have to actually open the box!

American Quarter Horse Foal - £6.75

Common Zebra - £9.00

Unfortunately this is quite clearly not the product we ordered. Even the delivery note has the correct product code on. This has annoyed me a lot but I suppose it is better than nothing. He isn't quite as bad in person as in the promotional pictures!