Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Just a Few Hours Left to Win...

If you want to be in with a chance at winning a Breyer Cutting Horse and Calf set then there are just a few hours left to sign up to the Chestnut Ridge newsletter!

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But hurry! You must sign up before 4pm BST today or you won't be in with a chance of winning!

Once you've signed up sit back and relax. At around 4.30pm you will receive an email (make sure to check your junk mail), in that email will be details of how you could win!

But be quick...the clock is ticking...

 Cutting Horse & Calf

Headcollars, Headcollars, Headcollars

You know when I have those obsessive weeks where I just make hundreds of the same thing (remember the bridle obsession that only ended because I ran out of bits?) well this week it is all about headcollars.

I'm trying to interrupt my obsessive headcollar making with a bit of painting and working on April's magazine (just wrote a fascinating article about how to correctly hold Western reins).

But alas we've already done three headcollars this week alone! This poor AQH mare is going to be so thankful when she finally makes it out of the body box and into the painting station!

First up is purple:

Then a sort of dark green:

And next a royal blue:

The hope is to also get a yellow and pink finished this week. I may even make some larger ones, but I don't really have anything suitable in my body box! I think poor Stunner might have to be used for tack fitting again...