Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lots of black...

My fingers are currently looking rather black! On April 21st it is European Extravaganza, as I don't have many European models I decided that I should get some horses painted for the show. I have already created one Amazing Grace a bay leopard appaloosa Knabstrupper mare:

Well today I started the next two, two Friesians. Obviously are both black! The first is on the CollectA Friesian mold whom I love. I have based it on this horse here:

He therefore has quite a bit of ginger in his coat and no white markings.

The second is on a Bullyland Friesian mold. This model isn't brilliant in conformation but it is rather cute with a little wavy mane and tail. I have based her on this horse here:

This guy has very little ginger in his coat and a little white star. I wanted the two models to be as different as possible.

I love painting black models but I think I may need more black paint! And now my hand looks like it is necrotic...

Updates and pictures will be coming soon :D