Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dealing With Minors in the Model Horse Hobby

This article is just designed to give you a brief overview of the issues involved. This only relates to UK jurisdictions and is in no way legal advice.

           One of the biggest legal issues arising out of the model horse hobby is the issue of contracting with minors. A lot of the members of the hobby who one deals with on a daily basis are technically classed as a minor. Problems arise from this as under UK law a contract with a minor is automatically void. Some exceptions do apply and this article discusses how you stand when you contract with a minor in the hobby.

Who is a minor?
In England and Wales a minor is anyone under the age of 18 years, in Scotland the age of majority is 16. This means that on a basic level contracts with people under 18 in England and Wales and 16 in Scotland and void. Be aware that if a minor reaches the age of majority and then affirms the contract then it is valid. Also be aware that parents cannot enter a contract on behalf of a minor. If you contract with the parent even if the item is to go to their child and it is the child's money your contract is with the parent.

The exception to the rule that contracts with minors are automatically void are contracts made for necessaries. There is no legal definition of a necessary but generally they are items or services that are of a benefit to the minor. This varies with the minors position in life. What this essentially means is that a £200 designer bag may be a necessary to a rich child of a famous celebrity but would not be a necessary to your average child.
So are model horses classed as necessaries? Well probably not know. But there may be exceptions to this. A minor who makes money from painting and selling models for example may be bound to a contract for painting supplies. This is because the supplies are of a benefit to the child as they are helping them make their way in life and provide for themselves and their family (see the case of Chaplin).

Protecting Yourself
Essentially the only way to protect yourself from these problems is to actually not deal with minors. But that is not always a possibility. The best way is to actually deal with their parents directly. In dealing with the parents you form a legal contract with the parent and therefore they cannot back out of the agreement. By insisting that payment is made through PayPal for example this ensures that you deal with the parent.
Another security is that of reputation within the hobby. Any sensible minor will not want to gain red lights or a bad reputation because of their conduct as this will prevent them from dealing in future. This means that although a minor has a legal right to simply end the contract when it is not for their benefit they are unlikely to do so because of the repercussions. Making it clear in your trade policies that you red light all those with whom you encounter problems should provide you with an extra layer of security.
As a minor if you wish to buy and sell models but have problems because of adults not wanting to deal with you (as many do) your best approach is to ensure that your parents deal with the person on your behalf. By using their PayPal account or credit card you can ensure that this is the case. You can also tell sellers that you are willing to let them speak to your parents directly so that they can be sure that the contract will be valid.

In conclusion dealing with minors is a tricky area of the hobby. The English law can be flexible around the interpretation of necessaries but it is unlikely that the sale of a model horse will be counted as such. The law aims to protect the minor even if that leaves the adult out of pocket and when dealing you should be aware of that. Parents cannot deal on behalf of the minor but if they pay with their PayPal account or credit card then it is they that are making not the contract not the minor so the contract will be enforced.

This article is for discussion purposes only and should not be taken as actual legal advice.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Weekends Customs

First up is February's Model of the Month. A gorgeous little palomino G2 Paso Fino:

Second is a G2 Paso Fino commission me. Owner is happy so this little girl was finished off and popped in the post

Another commission me for the same person. This one is a little blue roan Dartmoor mare

Now a gorgeous little Palomino CollectA Shire foal. This little girl is going to one of our custom club members

Now a lovely buckskin foal who is also going to a custom club member

Finally a custom that is actually for sale to all! A lovely little bay leopard appaloosa foal

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Breyer 2013 Mid Year Releases

More about these when I have time to do a proper post but just thought I'd pose you all with a quick question.

One of the new releases is to be Michael Jung's horse 'Sam'.

What mold do you think would suit this horse and why?

Bailadito Resin

Well how could I not share this adorable little guy with you. This is the first full horse resin produced by Clare Stokes and is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be getting one to paint!

Facebook friends of Meadowview Artistry can view the full album here:

And for those who aren't here he is:

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Couple of New Editions

These two lovely greys arrived in the post on Friday, just thought I would share them both with you :)

First up is Commander the first Breyer Vintage Club model of the year, I think you'll agree he is a very pretty boy and a my first blue ribbon (although not quite as special as a proper vintage blue ribbon but still)

And second up is Ruby the new Breyer Classic Morab Mare, I am falling in love with this mare more and more

Both in good condition, Morab had some dirt on her (yes I am serious dirt) but that came off and has a few box rubs but nothing that a quick touch up didn't solve which was good! (although I'm not entirely sure why I'm bothering as I very much doubt she will place at any live show...)

More 2013 Models 'In The Flesh'

I've got a couple more sets of pictures of some more of the new 2013 models in the flesh.

First up is the Schleich Appaloosa Foal

The paint job on this model is appalling and it's all leg but I think once repainted it might not actually look too bad.

Second up is the new Breyer Morab mare.

Strangely this girl is growing on me, instead of looking like a bad model she more looks like just a really badly conformed yet very kind old mare.

Breyer Enchanted

What can I say I'm enchanted by the new Breyer collectors club model Enchanted...

Superlumia II

If you don't have any monies look away now :p

I just thought I would share this with you, absolutely gorgeous model in all respects!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Plaited G2 Warmblood

Just left this little guy with his new hair do to set. He has been given plaits in his mane and tail

Thursday, 14 February 2013

For our American Racing Fans

Just a little news story which I thought some of our followers may be interested in. Rachel Alexandra (whom I'm sure you will all know Breyer made a model of) had serious complications during the birth of this years foal. She is recovering from surgery but her situation is very serious.

You can read more about the story here:

And get the latest updates here:

Sunday, 10 February 2013

First Completed Custom with the New Airbrush

Meet Arena of Concealment my first completed custom using my new airbrush. This gorgeous girl is the new Schleich Hanoverian and has been painted to a rich red bay

She is currently listed on eBay here:

Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Latest Photoshow Set Up

Today I had to do a photo for the front page of February's magazine. The theme of the magazine is 'Pony Club' so I wanted a nice riding lesson scene.

The set up is very simple, the backdrop is just a generic one that I own. The base is a piece of chip board. To make it look more realistic all I did was add some green scatter and then a fence where it ends. Then added a bit of lichen to make some little bushes and some tiny bits of cork and light brown scatter on the cork board.

So here is the set up:

This is the first picture I snapped with it:

Today's custom also looks gorgeous on it!

New Airbrush & Compressor

Well last weekend me and my airbrush fell out...big the result that I had to purchase a new airbrush and compressor...

Well I tried it out today and I am in love, it's been a while since I've used a dual action and I forgot how much it hurts your hands if you use it for too long! But I have created a little Schleich custom. She hasn't been properly photographed as finished yet (although she is finished) but here is a quick shot of her in progress:

Thursday, 7 February 2013

NEW MODEL - Rose Studio - Tiny Resin

I just have to share this little guy! Sorry if you are not on Facebook and can't see it because it's not my album I can't public link! But I will IMG URL link at the bottom so you can at least see one model.

This is a gorgeous resin drafter from Rose Studio.


And an IMG URL link:

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Two New Breyerfest SR's

The first of these is rather cute. My mother would love this!

It's a glossy saddleback pig 'Short Ribs'

Second is Ryeman a beautiful Clock Horse in a glossy grey