Thursday, 31 January 2019

Video Tutorials

Whilst I was uploading our latest video tutorial I thought it would be a fun idea to do a Blog post with all the ones I could find on our YouTube channel compiled together.

I will add the latest one once it has uploaded (only a few more hours to go...).

You can find our YouTube channel here:

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Right here we go, the tutorials!

Making Tassels

This video shows you how to make tassels for Arabian costumes and halters. It's a bit fiddly but once you have got the technique they make a great addition to your headcollars and you'll be addicted!

Tack Making Supplies

This video isn't so much a tutorial as much as a talk through the different tack making supplies you might want to own and what they are for. A great shopping list for all potential tack makers!


This video talks you through how to groom your haired models. With particular relevance to the Bendy CTF shower!

Attending Your First Live Show

Thinking about attending a live show for the first time? Then check out this awesome video which talks you through what to expect from your first ever live show.

Skiving Leather Lace

This is a short video showing you how to skive leather lace. This is really important for model horse tack making as it thins the leather you are going to use allowing it to sit closer to the model and reducing bulk.