Monday, 2 November 2015

Kitty Kitty Lives 2016 - Get Voting

Yep Kitty Kitty Lives are going to be back for next year!

Numbers III & IV should be held 3rd weekend in June all being well (we are waiting on hall conformation).

But can decide which classes we are having!

Voting is open on the Facebook group until November 10th (if your not on Facebook then you can email me your votes or comment them below).

To vote visit:

Or send your pick of up to six sections from the following list:

Custom Finish
Original Finish
Artist Resin
Animal Artistry
Open Performance
Novice/OF Tack Performance
Bendy CTF
Commercial Resin
Drastic Workmanship
Custom Glazed China
Simple Workmanship
Custom Commercial
Plastic CTF
Custom CTF
Mini OF
Handmade CTF

You can email your six votes to:

Please do not vote both via email and on Facebook!