Wednesday, 5 October 2016

2017 Vintage Collection

Me: "I'm probably not going to resubscribe to the Vintage club next year, what with the exchange rate being so poor and probably just going to get worse I can't really afford it"

Breyer: "Here be the horses"

 2016 Vintage Collectors Club


OK so what do we have?

First up....

Decorator FAS gamblers choice *faints*

Second...a pinto classics family *double faints*

Third....a glossy sabino Sham *triple faints*

And finally...a Clydesdale mare and foal in medicine hat!


That is Blossom and Belle

*rolls around on floor in uncontrollable manner*

O and if you look carefully at the picture, does it look like the Stablemate is a pair of foals? Definitely does to me!

I have until November to decide, so we'll see. But I LOVE these models. I think I may even be prepared to skip Premier for the Vintage. Such a beautiful selection!