Thursday, 2 June 2016



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Sooo many customs....

Question: Is it possible to completely wear yourself out through manic painting?

Answer: Yes. And my legs hurt.

The joys of bipolar, I've been doing some serious manic painting over the last couple of days. In fact I've painted 12 horses in two days!!!

So here we go :)

All are for sale at some have already sold x

1. 'The Boy in the Well' - Black Sabino

2. 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' - Minimal Sabino Liver Chestnut

3. 'Born to Run' - Incomplete Sabino Chestnut

4. 'Born to be Happy' - Zebra foal

5. 'Born to be a Dancer' - Dominant White

6. 'Born in Hell' - Max White Sabino

7. 'Borderline' - Chestnut Minimal Splash White

8. 'Bombastic' - Black Incomplete Splash White

9. 'Bop Bop Baby' - Chestnut Extreme Splash White

10. 'Boogie Night' - Black Splash White

11. 'Bonkers' - Bay Extensive Overo

12. 'Bomber' - Bay Overo