Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mid-Year Releases

I've been a bad blogger recently and haven't really updated you on stuff (this basically sums up my life right now).

Anyway the mid-year releases came in a few weeks back and I obviously had to get a couple for myself (OBVIOUSLY).

All of these guys are available at Chestnut Ridge although we've only got a few Brunellos left so be quick if you want to grab him!

So here are my new ones:

First up is CRS Swiftbolt (Brunello)

Just look at that face!

I just adore the plaits on this mould

Second is CRS Nobel Step (Shawn)

He is the loose or long main variation of the Best of British Connemara. I just adore him! A proper little pony.

Third is CRS Malikhi (Svali Fra Tjorn)

I wasn't planning on getting this guy originally but when I saw the colour I just had to!

And finally is CRS Icefall (Ice)

He is the NRHA Anniversary horse, he is my first horse on this mould and I just love it!

Here they are all together, so cute!