Monday, 25 April 2016

The Rest of the Single Day Stablemates

I've already shared Amapa, but here are the other three:

BreyerFest Bahia

BreyerFest Para

San Paulo
BreyerFest Sao Paulo

Is that the new Geronimo mould I spy :D

A Small New Herd

I finally got around to photographing the grab bag horses that I'm keeping (Prince of Chintz and Aries are still up for sale if you want them).

And I also had a new arrival today so she got to join in the fun!

First up is my eBay find, this is Ten Gallon, described as a 'dolls house horse' I came across him by accident and grabbed him for £6.

I've named her CRS Tyra Sanchez

Now onto the grab bag horses.

Primmore's Pride (CRS Venus D-Lite) who also came with a book, so some light reading for tonight :p

The Marwari - CRS Pheonix

Saddleclub Prancer - CRS Mimi Imfurst

Jubilation Mule - CRS India Ferrah

And I'm so happy with this one! I really wanted one of these beauties, Gliterati aka CRS Mariah

And finally the BF Special Run which I'm keeping, Aintree, or CRS Stacy Layne Mathews

As you can see his leg needs a bit of fixing!


The first of the Stablemate special runs for BreyerFest has been released.

And I am IN LOVE!

amapa2 v2

Western Breastplate

I finished off this rather nice Classic western breastplate last week.

It is just brown leather but has been made a little more fancy with decorative plates

So shiny :D

I also used decorative Dee rings, for a little bit more special

Very beautiful

The plates have a floral design

Three New Customs

Three new custom horses have been finished off since I last posted :)

First up is 'Bleed Red'

Red has been done to a Gold Champagne

She is a Safari Mini

I'm not completely happy with the colour but she is quite unusual so I'm sure someone will like her!

She is for sale if you would like her just drop me a comment (or check

Next is 'Bleeding Love'

He is an Amber Ivory Champagne

He could also probably pass for a Mulberry Grey

He is rather gorgeous!

He is also for sale if you would like him

And of course he has a brother, meet 'Bleed Well'

This guy has been done to Classic Champagne

He is another G3 Peruvian Paso Stablemate

He does have some damage so is for sale for slightly less (just £12)

I do rather like him, I thought the colour may be a little dull, but I'm quite happy with him