Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Christmas Ponies

Well there are a few more to add to this list (May & Novembers Premier Models for next year and a mystery horse)! But here are the three that I actually got to open Christmas day:

First up is the Graceland Stable set (no prizes for guessing why I wanted this one). Santa was very nice and brought it for me :D

This is CRS Land of the Rising Sun (Rising Sun)

And this is CRS We Could be Heroes (Moriah)

Mummy got me the Christmas horse (as always).

So meet CRS Rosey Dreams aka Bayberry and Roses

Having been photographed with all his regalia I set about the task of removing it. Even by Breyer's normal standards this years tack was DEMONIC! Lets put it this way it is NEVER going back on again!

I actually quite like the leg bits


The pile of random stuff that is never going back on the horse....

And finally here he is with my other Esprits

And Rising Sun with some of my other G2 Appys

And Moriah chilazing with some of the other Stablemates