Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tesoro de Oro

Tesoro de Oro is a new model that is available for Collector's Club pre-sale.

He is a shimmering buckskin on the Laredo mold and is priced at $65.

 Tesoro de Oro


Kashmir is the long awaited second release in the Big Cats series.

He is based on a Snow Leopard and is on the Goffert mold (so he may actually be a she).

I am not that keen at all...


I think it's the nose that ruins it...and the fact that the spots don't seem to cover the whole horse.

Crackers Trip to Canada

Hey guys! Mum has said that I can use her 'internet' blog to write my blog post about my trip to Canada. I will also make sure she publishes it in my usual spot in the newsletter as well!

Mum took lots of pictures but did miss taking pictures of me at certain places. I was not amused.

I would also like to thank Beccy's Pony Bags for the amazing travel accommodation I had! It kept me warm at 10C and cool at 36C as well as keeping me scratch free in mums handbag and hand luggage.

August 17th

I'm getting ready to go. Gonna miss my pals but can't wait to brag about my trip when I get home! Before leaving I made sure I said goodbye to Banana and of course to best pal Billie. I didn't say goodbye to that silly donkey thing. I don't like donkeys. I'm hoping that there won't be any donkeys in Canada.

Mum prepared my travle accommodation for me. I am travelling in a Pony Pouch made by Beccy. I like that it is slightly gothic looking! Apparently it belongs to a horse called Debi, I asked if she was a pretty horse, mum said she was a he and he was kinda pretty. That left me feeling somewhat confused.

The pouch was very nice to travel in. It kept me at a good temperature despite the hot and the cold! It was also nice and soft and fleecy. I felt very snuggly in mum's handbag and her hand luggage! I soon got snuggled in for the trip.

It was very compact! But perfectly sized for me.

Mum slotted me into her hand luggage. I should have brought my own model horse sized Kindle to read really. Might mention the installation of TV's into Pony Bags....would be a good improvement!

August 18th

We arrived at the airport after a car drive. We had to go through security and I got a free X-ray. Always good to get yourself a free scan when you can, check you out for, well I'm not sure what really...

The first thing we did was SHOPPING! I love shopping. I also love Vodka (it's well known that this is very good for model horses). Mum purchased this Absolut giftset, I planned to drink it whilst she was not looking.

Then we got to sit down and have some food. It was hard to choose what to have...restaurants apparently don't serve oats, or pony nuts, or grass, or hay. I mean seriously why not? Discrimination, that's what that is....

I tried this stuff called Orange Juice. It was YUMMYYYYY! Made my tummy feel a bit funny though..

Mum then insisted that I had to go back into my pouch and into the hand luggage, she was getting a bit annoyed because I kept trying to eat her sausages and drink the yummy orange juice.

After she had eaten she let me back out again on the condition that I behaved. So of course I galloped off to look out the window. I could see a plane! It was very big and funny looking...I started to get a bit worried at this point, I'm not good at logic but a giant metal thing flying isn't that logical to me. The only thing I've ever seen fly is a dove....and I'm pretty sure there not made of metal (but maybe they are), I'll bite one when I get back to find out.

We finally boarded the plan! You get a little seat (I apparently didn't get my own seat which I think was unreasonable). Mum said I could come out and play for a bit but I had to go in her bag for most of the flight because I am "very trying" (I don't know what that means, I'm sure it was a compliment). Here is me in our seat:

There was this little window which I could look out of. I could see more of these plane things

I quickly got bored of looking out of the window. Mum suggested I use the entertainment system. This is amazing. It's a TV IN THE CHAIR! Why o why o why do I not have one of these in my stable?

I quickly ran into problems though...first of all these little headphone things don't appear to be designed for model horses (see that discrimination again)

I then found another problem, hooves don't work on touch screens. Mum agreed that she was going to watch a film called Rio 2. As this was not about horses I was not particularly interested, apparently it is about birds.

We finally arrived in Canada. I learned several things on the way. One that aeroplanes are really boring. Two that mum gets really annoyed when I ask her constantly how long it will be. Three that aeroplanes make my ears feel funny.

Once we arrived we had a really long car journey and eventually we got to go and EAT! YAY! FOOD! The menu was a bit strange and complicated though, I couldn't read it and I'm quite good at reading. Mum eventually pointed out that it was in French....I don't know what a French is but it doesn't make any sense to me!

August 19th

Mum and dad spent the ENTIRE day visiting this thing called 'family'. I have no family so I'm not sure what it is. They even went and saw some real horses (not sure what real horses are or why I'm not 'real'). But it was quite fun I got to play with some 'cousins', they are kinda like foals but not as annoying and they seemed to like me.

We went on a late night drive to Ottawa, mum let me out in the car to play. I found a perfect Cracker shaped seat!

Mum helped me to see out of the window but the view wasn't great because it was dark. I saw lots of lights though.

August 20th

Today we visited more family (we did a lot of this) but then we went to an airport again. I was now well aware that aeroplanes are not fun and was not looking forward to going on one again. I did get another free body scan though and this strange man asked mum if she was wearing any clothes under her jumper....I think maybe he was trying to proposition her, mum explained that he was just doing his job, I thought it was strange.

Once we were in the 'departure lounge' mum let me come out and play. Brendon had this Nintendo thing that was great fun, he got annoyed at my attempts to help him though. I thought maybe I could operate some buttons but he said he made him 'die' (he looked pretty alive to me).

Mum got VERY annoyed with me on the flight....I was very bored so ran around the seat lots. She put me back in the pouch and didn't let me out till the NEXT DAY!

August 21st

Technically we arrived in Edmonton just before midnight but we effectively arrived on the Thursday. Mum was very tired and didn't let me out to play until the next day. For breakfast she had a 'harvest' breakfast. This was FIVE pancakes and FIVE pieces of bacon. She did actually let me share because apparently it wouldn't matter too much if I ate some.

After breakfast I got to play in the hotel room. There were two beds so i got one all to myself. Mum didn't let me play for long because we had to go apparently.

We spent the day at a 'mall' (this is a shopping centre to those of us who don't speak Canadian). Mum even got me some new friends! One of them is Margaret who is really pretty. So I put on the charm and of course she just fell at my all the ladies do

August 22nd

Today we had a long drive. I'm glad we had a car, i wouldn't have liked to have walked it. I don't like walking (or exercise at all for that matter). It was just like England, it rained the WHOLE WAY. Apparently the drive was very pretty but all I saw was rain and trees.

When it wasn't raining we stopped at several lakes along the way. Mum let me come out and play at the various lakes. Here is me at the first lake.

It was very windy! Seriously messed up my hair. Also it was raining and I got wet. Not amused.

Most lakes look the same I think. Mum and Brendon kept saying how beautiful it was. Would have been fun if I could have jumped in...

Here is me at guess what, another lake (you might be seeing a theme here)

O look me looking at a lake

I wonder what this is? O my it's a lake

At this lake I even had to get my hooves wet. I got wet and cold and I got to see nothing but lake. For those of you who are weird and like to see lakes this is apparently the Icefields Parkway.

We eventually arrived in Banff after the longest drive I have EVER had (that includes the one mum made me go on to a live show in the North this year).

August 23rd

Today we visited the Banff Hot Springs. These are natural hot springs and are apparently too hot and wet for Julips. As a result I was locked (yes locked) in a metal box inside mums handbag. I got out and looked around, it was small and compact and metal. When mum came back she smelt funny, I thought baths were supposed to make you smell nice? That's what were always told at the yard when they insist on giving us baths..

She let me get out and see the funny smelling water on the way back. At least it wasn't a lake.

August 24th

Today we went into the town in Banff. Mum said we should go to this waffle shop. This shop was the single most amazing place on earth. Let me explain this. You get a hot waffle. You then get a choice of about 20 ice creams. You then get a choice of over 30 different toppings, you can put as many on as you want, whatever you want. You pay by weight and mum....well mum loves waffles so she didn't skimp. She put like everything she could on it! It was A.MAZE.ING. She even let me have a nibble.

August 25th

Today we drove from Banff to Kamloops. This was also a very very long drive. It would have been shorter but they closed the road. YAY. No yay. I thought being stuck on the M25 was bad but this was worse. And to make it worse what did I have to look at? Yes you guessed it a LAKE! An actual LAKE!

The traffic jam was so long it was insane! We were stuck there forever...

Eventually we made it through and got to Kamloops. In Banff it was 10 degrees. In Kamploops it was 36 degrees. Luckily my pouch kept me both warm and cool.

When we arrived I made myself at home. I was tired after that long drive and snuggled into the really snuggly bed!

August 26th

Mum deserves a slap here. She forgot to take a picture of me on todays trip. We visited BC Wildlife park. Here I had the chance to see lots of strange animals I've never seen before. The weirdest of all the animals was a Moose. This is like a horse that's been stung in the mouth by a bee. It was a weird weird thing and didn't speak horse. My favourite animal was the guinea pig. He had the life. He had a whole stable and a massive pen to himself, didn't have to share it with anyone! That's my kinda life...

August 27th

Today we visited the Okanagan Lake district. Mum says that there is a sea monster living in the Okanagan lake. I didn't see it. What I did see is Brendon get very very stressed because there was a large drop on the side of the road.

We visited this place called the O'Keefe ranch. This is a historic ranch. A ranch is basically like a farm but in Canada. I saw lots of interesting horse tack but it was all too big for me. My favourite was this western saddle that was all padded with sheepskin, mum said that if I'm lucky she might get one made for me as I liked it so much.

I also met the largest model horse I've ever seen! He was HUGE! So big that Brendon was able to ride him. I even managed to ride him!

We had a good chat. Turns out he also likes post modernist architecture, what a surprise! Nice to meet someone I can have an educated discussion with.

We then went to see some real animals. Including some more 'real' horses and a 'real' donkey. I hate donkeys. I liked these horses more though because they were closer to my size. The donkey was like all donkeys, annoying.

This is the 'real' horse. It is apparently a Miniature Horse. I'm not sure why they call it Miniature it was still huge!

I mean look how big they are compared to me!

On the way home it was hot and everyone was tired. And then guess what....the road was closed again. Yet another stupid car accident. Why can't humans drive cars without crashing them? Here I am in the car in the hot in a traffic jam

August 28th

Today we drove from Kamloops to Vancouver. This drive wasn't as long and we didn't spend it stopping to look at lakes which was good. The hotel in Vancouver wasn't as nice as the others but it had this strange sausage shaped cushion which was perfect for me to sleep on. Whilst on the trip I've made friends with Cutey Pie a very sweet little teddy bear who thinks I'm adorable. I think he's adorable.

August 29th

Today mum again deserves a slap. We did lots of things but she forgot to take pictures of me again, also she was a bit moody.

We visited three museums today. The first was the museum of science. Here we got to go to a planetarium thing. This is like lying on your back in the field at night but inside with less flies and nobody to disturb your peace. Apart from a weird crazy guy talking about ursa minors....not sure what those are.

We then visited the museum of Vancouver. Here I got to meet some more animals, but these animals were dead. Someone had killed and stuffed them. Like model horses but a lot lot weirder...

The final museum was the maritime museum. I've never been on a boat, not sure what they are. But I got to see lots of models of them and one real one. We got to climb on it which was great fun although mum got quite scared going up this tiny ladder thing.

August 30th

Today was our last full day in Canada. Mum said we were going to do this thing called 'Whale Watching'. I had no idea what this involved. She explained that we would go on a boat and then see some Orcas. She also explained that these aren't whales. This confused me. We were going whale watching to see things that weren't whales. Confusing.

Anyway it was raining so I hid till we got on the boat. Once we were on it I came out briefly and then hid again along with a small plastic bag. Apparently horses can't vomit. Turns out model horses can (although I did already know that after watching Mist throw up at the St. Patrick's Day party).

At this point I couldn't see anything but water

Eventually there they were, whales that aren't whales! They were big and black and seemed to be doing a show jumping course under water. I tried to communicate with them but they didn't seem very friendly.

August 31st

Today we had some time before our flight so we got to visit another museum. This was a museum of anthropology. I don't know what an anthropology is but it seems to involve lots of old stuff and a very weird looking model horse.

Mum said it was also a jug. I hope nobody tries to make me into a jug.

Eventually we arrived at the airport. I got to eat some pasta and had my last Tim Hortons coffee before we got on the plane. Mum let me out to play on the plane again. I had a look out the window but all I could see was clouds...lots of clouds. There was nothing but the clouds the whole way.

I'm not sure whether clouds are more or less boring than lakes...

So to amuse myself I decided that Brendon could do with some help with his puzzles. It was quite difficult....Brendon got annoyed because apparently suggesting the answer "food" to every one was incorrect.

So I went to looking out the window again...but guess what, more clouds!

So there it is. That was my trip. I have gained a bit of weight so will have to exercise a bit before I go and see Indigo again. I do have a bit of a sun tan though so hopefully she will think I'm looking gorgeous.

Camila Foals

Look who finally arrived! Pre-ordered back in March and they are finally with me. I think they are kinda adorable :p

Sorry for the bad pictures! Still no new camera!

I ordered all three variations. For those who don't know this is the new Breyer foal sculpture, it is 1/6" scale.

So first up is Kordofan (CRS Antiquorum)

The leg has been worrying a lot of people, I just think it looks like a normal wobbly foal leg

Second is Masai (CRS Tippelskirichi)

And finally is Rothschild (CRS Rothschildi)

Can you figure out what they are all named after?

Here are some size comparison pictures

Arrow isn't really sure what to think!

Here they are on the shelf

On the shelf above I had a Clydesdale mare so thought I would take her down a shelf and see how her size compared, yep they are bigger!