Sunday, 1 January 2017

10 Model Horse New Years Resolutions

It's the new year which means we should all set unachievable goals that we will never keep...

But how about instead we set some achievable ones? Here are 10 model horse New Years Resolutions that we should all be able to keep.

1. Buy what you love

This one may sound strange but I think it's a good resolution. Don't just buy it because you think it will show well, or because others are buying it. Focus on spending your money on horses you love. Who cares what others think?

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2. Finish those UFOs!

What's at the bottom of your body box? Or should I not ask? A brilliant resolution is to finish off those unfinished projects before starting any new ones. Open that body box and dig out those victims!

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3. Learn a new skill

Always wanted to airbrush? Or know how to make tack? Whatever it is you are interested in find some online tutorials, get those supplies in and learn something new!

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4. Show more

It doesn't have to be at live shows, why not try your hand at photoshowing or postal showing? Organise your show string and get involved.

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5. Get organised

Whether it is sorting out those pedigrees or just your basic records, get organised! Develop a good cataloguing system and stick to it. Organise your tack, show results and everything else. Start 2017 off well with good organisation :D

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6. Try something new

Why not try something new with your model horses? Never taken part in a postal show? Always wanted to create pedigrees? Too scared to try performance? Find something new, however unusual and give it a go!

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7. Give something back

Give something back to the hobby we all love. Whether it's being an admin on a forum, running your own show series or volunteering at a local live show. Giving something back to the hobby helps make it better for everything.

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8. Have some fun

Why so serious? Have some fun with the hobby! Create a photostory, play with your horses, create your own stables and yard. Have fun with your horses and enjoy yourself :)

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9. Share the love

Is there an artist who you absolutely adore? Or a company who have been nothing than brilliant? Why not share the love and encourage others to buy from them. If you love something someone is doing then share them, shout about them and get others to love them like you do!

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10. Reorganise

Tidy those shelves. Organise your tack boxes and make more space! You'll be amazed the amount of space you can create by reorganising your shelves!

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Breyer 2017 Range - Now Available to Order

Happy New Year everyone! I will do some proper Blog posts over the next few weeks that announce all the amazing things we have going on this year at Chestnut Ridge but first....

As promised the Breyer 2017 range is now available to pre-order, you can find a full list below but if you'd rather just dive in and go for it here is the link:

And here is a full list of the available products and prices

Clicking on the image should take you to the page where they can be pre-ordered :)


Paint & Play Arabian - £4.50

Paint & Play Drafter - £4.50

Paint & Play Morgan - £4.50

Paint & Play Warmblood - £4.50

English Play Set - £18.50

Fantasy Horse Paint Kit - £18.50

Paint Your Own Farm - £18.50

Western Play Set - £18.50

Horse Crazy Stable - £25.00


Appaloosa Mustang - £16.50

Bay Pinto Pony - £16.50

Chestnut Quarter Horse - £16.50

Chestnut Sport Horse - £16.50

Grey Arabian - £16.50

Palomino Morgan - £16.50

Bella - £19.99

Forthwind - £19.99

Hilltop Stable - £19.99

Starry Night - £21.95

Chestnut Arab & Foal - £22.50

Grey Arab & Foal - £22.50

Palomino Morgan & Foal - £22.50

Spring Creek Stable - £36.99

Heroes of the West - £46.50


Van Gogh - £22.50

Barrel Racing Tack Set - £32.50

Espresso - £39.99

OK so not really Traditional but we don't have anywhere else to put her! So she's going in Traditional like Camilla did :p

Hwin - £39.99

Paint Me A Pepto - £39.99

Fantasia Del C & Gozosa - £44.99

Bandera - £47.95


Pocket Box Aquarium - £3.99

Pocket Box Animals - £3.99

We will also be welcoming back some old favourites including BHR Byrants Jake, Picasso and Rhapsody in Black. Keep an eye out for those listings and the new style Stablemate products (we already have the truck and trailer and individual horses) coming soon :)