Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This year's Christmas web special for Collector's Club members:

Decorator Commission Piece

There are some customers who when they say "just create something" I know that they are really giving me free rein.

Cassie is definitely one of them! And this gorgeous piece, who took forever, but I am absolutely in love with, is definitely a testament to what an artist can do if you just let them create.

Based on a simple rainbow pattern I saw (and showed Cassie for approval), meet a yet unnamed G3 Warmblood in rather stunning colours!

In order to give the right effect maskol was used as a base to create the pattern.

I then airbrushed acrylics on top to give the rainbow pattern. This is very time consuming (mainly because cleaning airbrushes properly takes time and you can't use up excess paint on other models).

Once the airbrushing was complete the maskol was removed and white acrylic was touched up by hand where needed to give the beautiful swirls.

Then she was just sealed and left. I was originally going to add sparkles but I think she is better with less. Less is more...although not sure she is really less!