Saturday, 16 February 2013

Couple of New Editions

These two lovely greys arrived in the post on Friday, just thought I would share them both with you :)

First up is Commander the first Breyer Vintage Club model of the year, I think you'll agree he is a very pretty boy and a my first blue ribbon (although not quite as special as a proper vintage blue ribbon but still)

And second up is Ruby the new Breyer Classic Morab Mare, I am falling in love with this mare more and more

Both in good condition, Morab had some dirt on her (yes I am serious dirt) but that came off and has a few box rubs but nothing that a quick touch up didn't solve which was good! (although I'm not entirely sure why I'm bothering as I very much doubt she will place at any live show...)

More 2013 Models 'In The Flesh'

I've got a couple more sets of pictures of some more of the new 2013 models in the flesh.

First up is the Schleich Appaloosa Foal

The paint job on this model is appalling and it's all leg but I think once repainted it might not actually look too bad.

Second up is the new Breyer Morab mare.

Strangely this girl is growing on me, instead of looking like a bad model she more looks like just a really badly conformed yet very kind old mare.

Breyer Enchanted

What can I say I'm enchanted by the new Breyer collectors club model Enchanted...

Superlumia II

If you don't have any monies look away now :p

I just thought I would share this with you, absolutely gorgeous model in all respects!