Monday, 16 April 2018

Catching up on BF Horses

So whilst I have been sampling the delights of the Winchester Science Centre (and faaaar too many sweets) there have been several announcements that we need to catch up on.

So here we go!

First up is Jackpot, this is the Sunday raffle model and also the first time we've had a proper decent picture of the new Bristol mould showing his stand

I think we'll all be doing very creative things with jump poles when Bristol comes out!

Jackpot 2

The next is By A Nose, he is a BF Special run for 2018. A lovely pinto the Lonesome Glory mould.

By a Nose 1

The Surprise model will obviously not be announced until the first people unwrap it on the Friday (always my favourite day of the year refreshing everything to see what it is), but I can share a nice graphic with you :)


My guess for this year is Smarty Jones :)

And of the BF Special Runs will be a Gambler's Choice! Dead Heat will be available in two colours:

Dead Heat 2

So there we go, all caught up :) I would love to hear your predictions for this year's surprise model!


This year's mid-year release USA style decorator is a lovely Nokota horse model.

I love the pattern of fireworks on his body, it is really unique and is going to make him look gorgeous with some light shining through.

We have him available to pre-order at Chestnut Ridge. He is priced at £49.99 and is available here:

Open House Sale

Visit us at our Open House Sale on May 5th in Pyrton, Oxfordshire.

Your chance to get loads of awesome model horse items at really good prices :D Discount Chestnut Ridge stock as well as personal sales and hobby supplies.