Thursday, 7 February 2019

Dreaming of a Painting Day

It's that time of year again, where I sit looking through the pictures on the NaMoPaiMo group whilst on my lunch break, or just before bed, or during Silent Witness because those are the only spare five minutes I appear to have and just wish that I could spend a whole day getting on with painting.

Whilst instead it appears that every free day I have is taken up by something else. The cat needs to see the vet, I'm going riding, suddenly I have to come into work and God knows what else is happening that means that my apparent two days off each week are turning into just other days filled with tasks.

The biggest problem right now is very much the rabbits. I love my little bun buns to pieces but there is literally nowhere else to put their cage in this tiny little house apart from the back room. O how I miss having my study with my painting desk right there for me to paint on! I could easily spend a quick five minutes getting something done after work. But now I need to make sure the rabbits are removed, the windows opened, and the whole space ventilated to ensure nothing horrible gets into their tiny little bunny lungs. So to actually get some painting done I do feel like I need a spare day, that way they can come out, I can get on with painting and I can deep clean their cage at the same time.

My NaMo horse isn't the only project I want to get started, I also wanted to get several more of my resins painted ready for Year of the Pig Live. I also wanted to get a couple more sales pieces done and work on some of the new bodies I've acquired, so yes I very much do need a painting day!

And I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat at this time of year. I long for more time to be able to paint but work, life and other commitments are just constantly in the way. It's a complete irony that on the days I do have time to paint somehow something else happens that means I'm taken away from my work room and have to go and deal with that.

So here is my plan. Sunday. Sunday I am painting. I don't care what else needs doing I am getting up Sunday and I am getting paint on some horses! The plan is to try and finish at least one (maybe not my NaMo horse) but to at least get some paint on some of them. Then going forward each Sunday I can spend some time painting. You never know...I may even get my NaMo horse done before the end of the month! And maybe even some resins painted for Year of the Pig...just how much can I paint in one day I wonder?

Are you also longing for time to paint? Maybe we could start some kind of joint child/partner/pet care scheme where we all pay for someone to take care of all of them and clean our house whilst we finally settle down to get some painting done!

I miss my old study where I could paint away from all the animals...