Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My Favourite Hobby Apps

Below is a list of my favourite apps for the model horse hobbyist. Some of these I really couldn't live without!

I have an Android so all these are Android links, many are probably also available on other app stores.

1. Habitica

Play Store Download:

This app is also a website if you don't want to use it on your phone.

This is basically a game where you earn points by doing daily tasks. It includes streak goals and the ability to 'die' if you don't get everything on your list done! It also has ToDo lists and the option to create challenges for fellow users. A really brilliant app that has ruled my life for the last 2 years. It makes sure I get everything done for shows and the business.

2. eBay

Play Store Download:

It seems like an obvious one but the eBay app is really useful. You know when you are out riding and really need to bid on that Equorum Saddlebred (just a note, don't do this, especially not if your friend thinks it's funny to wind up your youngster as you bounce along one handed trying to bid)!

3. Gleeo Time Tracker

Play Store Download:

There are lots of time tracker apps available but this is my favourite. I really think it's a good idea to track how long you are spending on projects, it should help you price them in future if you think that you are not charging enough for the work put in.

4. PayPal

Play Store Download:

The PayPal app is really useful, particularly for paying people at live shows when you haven't brought enough cash but really really really need that model.

5. Instagram

Play Store Download:

If you aren't on Instagram you need to get on it. The model horse community on there is huge and it is a great way to connect with other hobbyists as well as seeing lots and lots of eye candy.

6. Counter

Play Store Download:

Why am I always counting things when it comes to model horses? Who knows but I am! I like this app because even after you close it it stays on the same number it was on before. So you can count things over several days without it losing where you are up to.

7. Pinterest

Play Store Download:

I use Pinterest to save all my customising reference as well as reference for all my live show entries. Having the app on my phone doesn't just mean I can spend all day looking at pretty pictures but it also means that if I forget my reference I can quickly and easily find it on my phone and pop that into the ring with my horse.

8. Randomizers

Play Store Download:

The app is really useful if you need a random number generator. The thing I love about this one is you can save lists on it. Great for drawing dips or competition winners as well.

9. Layout

Play Store Download:

Layout for Instagram allows you to create collages of your images for Instagram. Really great for showing off multiple models at the same time.

10. Thriv

Play Store Download:

Thriv is a savings goals app. Great if you are saving up for a grail or BreyerFest. You can create up to 3 savings goals for free.