Friday, 12 January 2018

10 Model Horse Websites I Couldn't Live Without

What did we do before the internet? I don't remember...I think they had these things called books or something. Anyway we don't need those now do we :p Here is my list of ten model horse websites I literally couldn't survive without!

1. Identify Your Breyer


I swear I must use this site about a million times a day, yes my brain is useless and forgets mould names ALL THE TIME. It's just invaluable and everytime I go on there I seem to find another model I want to add to my collection.

2. Equine Resin Directory


This site is brilliant. It's great for idying resins of course and for eye candy but I also find it helpful if I want to search for a model of a specific breed. The breed search function is so handy! Great if you are after something really unique for your collection (or have just decided you really really really want a resin Dartmoor and want to know your options).

3. Facebook


OK so this isn't a model horse website but the model horse community is so strong on Facebook I couldn't imagine going back to the old ways of Yahoo groups and forums. Forums were amazing and I do miss them but having thousands of hobbyists friends across the world? That's pretty awesome too.

4. Strawberry Reef


As many of you know I do rather like My Little Ponies. Strawberry Reef is a brilliant reference site if you want to ID your MLP.

5. My Model Horse Database


Having an electronic catalogue of your models is so useful and I've found this site really easy to use. I am still working on transferring my whole there so if the computer dies again at least I have a backup!

6. Julip Identification


I can never remember the names of Julip moulds and therefore find this site really useful.

7. Google Sheets


Again this isn't a model horse website but it is invaluable when it comes to organising your models and accessing your spreadsheets at shows. You could also use something like OneDrive or DropBox or similar products.

8. Later


This is another one that isn't technically a model horse website but really useful for the hobbyist. You do have to pay a subscription but it allows you to upload and schedule posts from across your social media platforms, including Instagram

9. Model Horse Sales Pages


Where would we be without MH$P? Probably a lot richer...

10. eBay


Again not a model horse site but one of the best places to buy and sell model horses.


The new Copperfox Shire has been released!

He will be available in plastic from October....that's soooooo long away....

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