Monday, 27 April 2015

Work in Progress

Because of my exams I don't have much time at all to work on my customs and tack but I am trying to at least do a tiny bit each day, even if it is only 5 minutes!

I currently have a selection of orders on the go, some are just prepped (no pictures of those) and some are at various stages of completion!

First up is my in progress tack piece, this is a pink Arabian halter made to 'design 2' it is a commission piece for one of my competition winners.

Second is a pegasus that I'd said I'd finish in time for Didmarton (which is on Saturday), that is clearly not going to happen! The body was a present (thank you :D) and he will eventually be white with rainbow wings and a mane and tail. I'll probably add some clear glitter as well and maybe some detailing to the body.

Third up is a little mini that I started back in January! He is getting more complete, a sort of unusual pinto colour with moulded on tack.

Fourth is a jump commission for another competition winner. The jump will be black and white and will have lichen and tiny white daisies added into the flower pots.

Fifth is a classic foal, again started in January. This little girl will eventually be cremello.

Sixth is another January started model. This is a Safari mini that is being done to a black pinto.

And fifth is another Safari mini. This particular little dude will be black eventually, he was also started in January...