Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Which Mule?!??!

The Stablemate Gambler's Choice mules have arrived at their homes for USA members (I know us international member's will have to wait until December/January until ours arrive).

So the question is...

Which Finn did you get?

Share your pics with me! I would love to see what everyone got :) Obviously I'm hoping for the rainbow one (shocker) but as with all things I'll be happy whichever one I get :) The glossy chestnut is actually really nice and I would love a spotty botty as well.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

2019 Stablemate Club Moulds

Breyer have announced sneak peaks of the first four 2019 Stablemate club moulds.

First we have Mirado:

2019 SM Club #1.png

Secondly we have the G1 Morgan Mare:

2019 SM Club #2.png

Then we have a new mould and a G3 Highland

(for some reason despite being a current member it won't let me access the Stablemate Club News on the new Breyer website so thank you to the very kind people who have posted screenshots on Facebook)!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Pre-Show Anxiety

How do we deal with our pre-show anxiety? What if we forget something? What if I'm running a show and everything goes wrong? What if I have a car accident on the way? THINK OF ALL THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG!

When your naturally a bit of a worrier like I am it can be a nightmare in the run up to the show. So here are some top tips on how to deal with those pre-show nerves and worries, whether you are attending or hosting.

1. Write a List

Write a detailed list of all the things and horses you are going to take to the show. Then when you pack your horses or when you are packing prior to the show check things off your list. I recommend also writing a 'show morning' list so that you know exactly what you need to take and can check it off when you put the items in the car.

2. Be Organised

If you are hosting a show then make sure to plan well in advance. Create a list of all the jobs that need to be completed before the show and create a time table of when you are going to do them. Some jobs, such as a judging list, may not be completed until quite close to the show, but others such as printing off results list can be done well in advance so you make sure they are done.

Writing 'to do' lists well in advance also means that if there is something you have forgotten you have time to remember them and add them onto your list in the days before the show.

3. Ask to be seated next to someone you know

If you are nervous about attending a show ask the show host if you can be seated next to someone you know well. Maybe it's someone you've met before or someone you chat to online. Having that person to reach out to will give you the confidence to start approaching new people and making new friends.

4. Read Blog Posts etc. in Advance

Particularly if it is your first show taking a look at Blog posts and show pics in advance can help you understand what to expect on the day. Many Blogs and websites feature guides and tips on attending your first live show and these can be really helpful.

5. Print Out Directions

If you are worried about getting lost print off the directions from the show schedule and plan your journey out the night before. Using tools such as Google Streetview can be really helpful to ensure that you know exactly where you are going.

6. Travel Together

If you are nervous why not travel with someone? There are plenty of showers out there who can't drive and would probably really appreciate the lift! They will usually also contribute towards the petrol money. Then at least if one of you is late, both of you are late!

7. Pack Well

Take time with your packing and pack your models well to help prevent breakages. Packing a few days before the show when you have more time may result in your models spending a long time boxed but will prevent any nasty breakages (obviously avoid this if it is boiling hot and you are packing custom finished models).

8. Ask Questions in Advance

Not sure where your model should go? Have other questions? Ask the show holder in advance so that you are prepared on the day and won't be asked to move your horses.

Print out your map in advance so that you know where you are going! Sat navs can't always be trusted...

Sunday, 28 October 2018

My Ten Favourite Unicorns

Obviously I love all my unicorns equally. It's just that some unicorns are more equal than others.

1. CRS Rainbow Romance (Skyler)

Breyer 97258 Skyler

2. CRS Cassiopeia (Alaric)

Breyer Alaric the Unicorn Stallion

3. CRS Dragon's Claw (Alida)

Breyer 3364 Alida with Elidor

4. CRS Crystal Ball (Elidor)

Breyer 3364 Alida with Elidor

5. CRS Nashira (Celestia)

Animal Artistry Venus Unicorn with Cat painted by Catriona Harris

6. CRS Alkharif (Celia)

Animal Artistry Venus Unicorn in Dapple Grey

7. CRS Cyanide Rainbow (Cyanide)

Animal Artistry Mule Unicorn

8. CRS Mystic Water (Mystic)

HA Kilimanjaro Resin painted by Catriona Harris

9. CRS Candleshoe (Candle)

Schleich 70570 Se Unicorn Mare

10. CRS Zeus (Zeus)

RubberNedz Rearing Andalusian Unicorn

Saturday, 27 October 2018

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Christmas Horse Bucket List

Bucket list/shopping list it's all the same thing :p

So what Christmas horses do you want? Here is my Christmas Horse bucket list, the models I just NEED to add to my collection :D

1. Snowball

Released in 1997 Snowball was the first Holiday horse.

2. Snowflake

The 1998 release Snowflake was a Missouri Fox Trotter with a red rug.

3. Jack Forest

The 1999 Jack Frost was the first Breyer model to feature the costumes we know and love (if not a more simplistic version than we see now).

4. Holiday Hunt

I found a stock image for this one! The 2000 release, I really like the costume even if it is a Roemer!

5. Jingles

The 2001 release is a must have one for me. It's a Misty with a harness and cart.

6. Sugarplum & Peppermint

The 2002 releases are a cute little pair of foals with a sleigh.

7. Silent Knight

It's a Khemosabi, who wouldn't want a Khemosabi!

8. Father Christmas and Glittery

The year before I started by Christmas Horse collection in earnest this model is a gold Marabella being ridden by Father Christmas!

9. Mischief the Holiday Donkey

It's a Brighty in a HAT! Why would I not want this?

10. Holiday Play Set

In 2004 Breyer released a Holiday play set featuring Stormy and a Jack Russell...again with hats.

11. Christmas Eve Playset

I really love the Ashley from this set, she is a really lovely colour.

12. Stablemates Holiday Wagon with Music

I've never seen one of these, they were made in 2005. If you've got one I would love to see one at a show!

13. North Pole Play Set

In 2006 Breyer made a really cute play set with an Amber foal and elf.

14. Waiting for Santa Pony Gift Set

I do really love these play sets. This one is a Midnight Tango in grey, but it has a very cute plush pony thing.

15. Waiting for Santa Pony Play Set 2

Image result for breyer 700830

This one features a Stormy instead and a pony shaped chair!!!

16. Sugarloaf

I missed out on getting this silver filigree web special on the Connemara Mare mould.


Why does everything begin with C at the moment. I dunno, my poor little brain can't cope with all these similar names, Celeste, Celestine...

Anyway onto the actual model! Celeste is the latest Breyer Collector's Club release. She is available from the Breyer USA website to Collector's Club members.

She is priced at $65.00 + shipping.

I do like her, but I am poor :( Maybe once I've moved out and back into my own house I can paint enough horses to be able to afford her! Hopefully she'll still be around at the same time as the final Stablemate Club models and they can all come together (as you all know horses get lonely if they travel alone).

She is a silver chestnut on the Hermosa mould:

I love those dapples, I hope I get hold of one with nice subtle dapples :)

Thursday, 25 October 2018

15 Thoughts From a Show Host

I've been running live shows now for 8 years and photo shows for much longer. So here are 15 thoughts from a show host about shows, hosting and life in general.

1. Drop Outs

When I ran my first live show back in 2010 nobody dropped out. At all. The same was true the next few years, but then a few years ago something weird started happening. Suddenly waiting lists became essentially, people started to drop like flies. Now it isn't uncommon for a sold out show to not have a full hall on show day because of so many last minute drop outs.

This became so bad last year that this year I implemented a no refunds policy. Not that it has helped...what it does mean is that at least the charity is getting some extra money when someone drops out!

I honestly don't understand it. I've dropped out of shows, this Summer I dropped out of everything and I have never felt more guilty. I just cannot understand why it is so common place now. Well actually that's a lie, I do have a theory. Shows book up so quickly now I think there are people who are 'booking first, planning later'. You'd be amazed how many people book onto shows without even reading the schedule, checking they have transportation or even that there are classes for the models they own! Plan first, if that means you miss out on an initial space and have to join the waiting list then so be it, you'll probably get a space when someone drops out anyway....

2. Entry Fees

When I attended my first live show the entry fee was £15.00. Twelve years later the entry fees are still £15.00. Which makes me wonder, how much have costs gone up? Looking at my own accounts they have gone up a lot. Is it time that standard entry fees started going up and as entrants we expect this to happen?

3. Questions, Questions, Questions

No matter how many FAQ posts, detailed class descriptions or other ways you try to answer every single possible question in advance of a show you will guaranteed still be asked a myriad of questions. Usually the same ones. That you answered. On the schedule.

My highlight has to be "Where do you want British Spotted Ponies?" To which I responded "In the class titled British Spotted Ponies". Yep, they hadn't even bothered to read the schedule.

Pro tip for entrants, read the schedule first, ask the questions second! It's quicker for you and stops a stressed twitchy show holder from sending a rather curt reply!

4. Schedule Numbers

This is probably my autism showing through but seriously if you are running a show number your schedules properly.

I am so guilty of this, where it has reset and not continued numbering, but I've been to shows where it has just been all over the place and it confuses everyone!

5. Starting with Arabians

This is not just me I promise! But honestly there is nothing more confusing than a show that doesn't start with Arabians. Unless you don't have an Arabian class you should always start with Arabians, it just puts me all off centre if you don't (seriously this isn't just the autism I had this conversation with about four other people at BMECS who all agreed they can't stand it)!

P.S. I ran a show this year that didn't start with Arabians. Do as I say not as I do :p

6. Milk & Sugar

If you are running a show there are four things you should never forget to buy: Coffee, Tea, Milk and Sugar.

7. Glossy Certificates

You can't write on glossy certificates. They look pretty but they are annoying. Please use matte.

8. Don't stop moving!

How many miles do  you think a show holder walks on show day? As a show host I rarely sit down. I run BIG shows, 150 classes, six sections. If I sit down then the show stops. I keep people moving with good reason, it gets us all home at a decent time. Which brings me onto....

9. The Crash

If you've run a show properly you should feel like death the day after. It's stressful, it's painful. You put your heart, soul and money into making it an amazing day for everyone.

So as an entrant, always say thank you, always remind the show holder how awesome they are the day after. They've worked so hard to prepare that event for you. Honestly some of the stuff show holders do is just insane (crocheted figures for all the entrants anyone?)

10. Spreading...

I am so guilty of this! But I'm not as bad as some people.

When you attend a show you get one table. Bring a number of models that will fit on that table. Seriously don't block walk ways with your boxes. Show rooms are often quite tight for space and that isn't helped by boxes everyone.

11. Read the Rules People!

This goes for all types of shows. Honestly you haven't run a show if you haven't had at least 20 questions that the person could easily have found the answer to if they had just read the schedule/rules.

12. Hiding Information

That said, show hosts, don't hide the important information! I hate schedules where I have to click CTRL + F just to find out how many entries I can put in a class, or where it is, or how much it is or anything else that is quite important.

Think about how it reads, if you aren't sure get someone to test read it for you.

13. Check Your Postcodes

Hall websites are a nightmare for not putting the right postcodes on them. Check that the hall's postcode is correct (you can use the Royal Mail postcode finder) and also test whether your sat nav will take you there. Adding directions, a map and a correct postcode on your schedule will make things a million time easier for your show attendees.

14. Offer Help

Running a show is hard work, it is stressful and a show host cannot do everything alone. So offer help when you can, whether it is helping with judging (see point 15), helping set up tables or clear them up, washing up or even just bring a yummy cake for everyone to eat. These little things make a big difference to the show hosts day.

15. Send In Your Judging Lists!!!! ON TIME!

OK so I am guilty of this, I know I am, and I can't stand a show holder who wants a judging list 3 months before a show (as a show host avoid this because by the time the show comes along people will have around 50 new models each. Guaranteed.) but seriously people. If someone has given you a deadline of Wednesday before the show get them in by Wednesday before the show. Judging lists take time to do, they take time to alter when people decide they are bringing completely different models and they take time to print. We all have jobs, we all have real lives, we are all fitting this around our other commitments and all we ask is that when we say "We need your judging lists by X" you bother to get your lists in by "X". Please.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My Favourite Hobby Apps

Below is a list of my favourite apps for the model horse hobbyist. Some of these I really couldn't live without!

I have an Android so all these are Android links, many are probably also available on other app stores.

1. Habitica

Play Store Download:

This app is also a website if you don't want to use it on your phone.

This is basically a game where you earn points by doing daily tasks. It includes streak goals and the ability to 'die' if you don't get everything on your list done! It also has ToDo lists and the option to create challenges for fellow users. A really brilliant app that has ruled my life for the last 2 years. It makes sure I get everything done for shows and the business.

2. eBay

Play Store Download:

It seems like an obvious one but the eBay app is really useful. You know when you are out riding and really need to bid on that Equorum Saddlebred (just a note, don't do this, especially not if your friend thinks it's funny to wind up your youngster as you bounce along one handed trying to bid)!

3. Gleeo Time Tracker

Play Store Download:

There are lots of time tracker apps available but this is my favourite. I really think it's a good idea to track how long you are spending on projects, it should help you price them in future if you think that you are not charging enough for the work put in.

4. PayPal

Play Store Download:

The PayPal app is really useful, particularly for paying people at live shows when you haven't brought enough cash but really really really need that model.

5. Instagram

Play Store Download:

If you aren't on Instagram you need to get on it. The model horse community on there is huge and it is a great way to connect with other hobbyists as well as seeing lots and lots of eye candy.

6. Counter

Play Store Download:

Why am I always counting things when it comes to model horses? Who knows but I am! I like this app because even after you close it it stays on the same number it was on before. So you can count things over several days without it losing where you are up to.

7. Pinterest

Play Store Download:

I use Pinterest to save all my customising reference as well as reference for all my live show entries. Having the app on my phone doesn't just mean I can spend all day looking at pretty pictures but it also means that if I forget my reference I can quickly and easily find it on my phone and pop that into the ring with my horse.

8. Randomizers

Play Store Download:

The app is really useful if you need a random number generator. The thing I love about this one is you can save lists on it. Great for drawing dips or competition winners as well.

9. Layout

Play Store Download:

Layout for Instagram allows you to create collages of your images for Instagram. Really great for showing off multiple models at the same time.

10. Thriv

Play Store Download:

Thriv is a savings goals app. Great if you are saving up for a grail or BreyerFest. You can create up to 3 savings goals for free.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Winter Photographers Essentials

As the nights draw in and it gets colder and colder the model horse photographer becomes more and more intrepid. Desperate to get those perfect outdoor shots in the few hours between rain storms when it is possible to go out and get some images here are our list of essentials for every model horse photographer this Autumn.

1. Knee Pad

Image result for gardening knee pad

These are useful at all times of year but are really good for the winter because you can lie on them and not get wet! You can also not get sore knees.

2. Tarpaulin

Image result for tarpaulins

A tarpaulin is really useful if the ground is really wet, muddy or snowy. Lie on it and it will protect you from the damp. It won't offer much in the way of cushioning but it will at least keep you dry! You could even fold yourself under it if it is raining....

3. Fingerless Gloves

Image result for fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves allow you to still fiddle with those camera settings whilst at least attempting to keep your hands warm!

4. Super Absorbent Towel

Image result for absorbent towel

These will mop the water off your models (and you) quickly and easily preventing damage (and hypothermia)

5. Winter Hat

Image result for winter hat

A winter hat will keep your head and ears warm whilst you are out struggling through the elements

6. Plastic Bags

Image result for plastic bag

Pop your model horses in their pouches in plastic bags to help protect them from the elements as you take them outside. Also useful if you have to suddenly run inside due to a sudden change in the weather conditions!

7. Baby Wipes (eco friendly of course)

Ideal for getting bits of mud and dirt off your models

8. Rain Cover

Image result for protecting cameras in rain

You can either make your own or buy one. These protect your cameras from the elements (in particular heavy rain) so that they don't get damaged during your autumnal photography.

9. A decent coat!

Image result for coat

Waterproof and long enough that you can lie on it a little bit! Also good sized pockets for popping Stablemates inside :D

10. A warm cup of hot chocolate

Image result for hot chocolate

Essential for when you get back inside. Dry off those models and sit down to a nice warm mug of proper hot chocolate to keep those chills away.


So I'm going to say something controversial here....



*runs from thrown objects*

OK so I know it's a weird pose, I know it doesn't really look like an Arab and I KNOW it's yet another sabino/pinto. But I like him. I look at him and think "I like". And I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Darley is the latest release in the Breyer Stablemate Collector's Club. We saw images of the new sculpt late last year but this is the first time we've seem him with colour.

2019 Schleich

The Schleich website has revealed a few sneak peaks of the 2019 range :) Some gorgeous new fantasy models this year, I cannot wait to get those guys in!

But below are the equines and equine themed items:

42459 - Blanket & Halter Hannah & Cayenne

42461 - Blanket & Halter - Lisa & Storm

42462 - Blanket & Halter - Sarah & Mystery

42460 - Blanket & Halter - Sofia & Blossom

42457 - Friesian Stallion Riding Tournament

13890 - Knabstrupper Foal

13889 - Knabstrupper Stallion

13887 - Lipizzaner Stallion

70578 - Moon Unicorn, Stallion

13886 - Paint Horse Foal

13885 - Paint Horse Gelding

13884 - Paint Horse Mare

70580 - Shooting Star Unicorn Foal

70579 - Star Pegasus, Mare

42456 - Trakehner Mare Riding Tournament

13888 - Trakehner Mare

All the Schleich 2019 range and many other new products will be available from in the new year. Keep an eye out :)

Monday, 22 October 2018

Model of the Day - Stunner

Our model of the day today is one of the earliest models from my collection, CRS Stunning Light aka Stunner. Stunner is a regular run Breyer Shire from the Classics range. He was my only Classics Shire for over 10 years before I acquired three in very short succession. He now has friends on the shelf which is nice :)

Although Stunner has been to live shows he has never placed, he does have a few photo show placings though, not unsurprising because he photographs really well.

Stable Name: Stunner
Show Name: CRS Stunning Light
Breed: Shire
Colour: Grey
Gender: Stallion
Scale: Classic
Manufacturer: Breyer
Model Number: 627
Model Name: Shire
Mould: Shire A
Year Produced: 2002-2008
Face Markings: White Blaze
Leg Markings: 4x White Socks
Finish: Matte
Sire: None
Dam: None
Best Live Show Placing: None

Website Link:

Collector's Resources

I thought for today's post I would share a few websites that are invaluable to the model horse collector. Most of these websites are sites that give you information for cataloguing your models.

If you haven't already catalogued your collection then this is definitely something you need to think about doing. There are several reasons for this. Firstly it will help you remember who is who! It seems like a little thing but as your collection grows you may lose track of names, you can't be expected to remember two names for hundreds of models! A catalogue will help you quickly identify a model. Secondly it is important for insurance purposes. Many insurers will ask for this if you have specialist insurance in particular and it is important to keep an accurate up to date catalogue of your collection including values. Finally (and on a slightly morbid note) it is important for your family to know what you have, what it is and what it is worth for when you pass away. This will make sure that if they choose to sell they get a good price for your models and also that any future owners get things such as show results.

The hardest part of cataloguing is often identifying exactly what you own and how much it is worth, so I've put together this list of handy websites to help you identify each model horse in your collection.

But first a note about value. The most important thing to remember when valuing is that old mantra of "something is only worth what people are willing to pay". I find the easiest way to get an idea of a model's value is to look at how much that model has sold for for other people (of course this is really only applicable for OFs but this post is mainly geared towards that). To do this visit eBay (I use rather than as more Breyers sell through this) and do a search for the item name or number. For example "Breyer Brass Hat". Then on the left hand side click the little box titled "completed items":

Now look for items where the price is green. This will give you an idea of the average selling price for that item. Obviously you need to adjust a bit depending on the condition of your model but this is a great way to start valuing things. Looking at it I can see that this model is selling for between $20-40.

OK so onto our resource link! Obviously these are all external links and I accept no responsibility for their content. At the time of posting I didn't die when I clicked on them but you do so at your own risk!


If you aren't sure what something is general searches on MH$P can help you to identify the model you have. You can also use it to help get an approximate value if the eBay method isn't working for you.

Model Horse Gallery

This contains information about a huge range of makes and models. Great to delve into if you really aren't sure what something is!

OF Plastic

This website is good for identifying Hartland horses.

Identify Your Breyer

One of the most comprehensive lists of Breyer models in an easy to use format. Invaluable for looking up information such as release dates, product numbers and product names.

Stone Horse Ref

This website is good for identifying older Peter Stone models.

China & Resin

This is a sales site but is really helpful in trying to identify Beswick model horses as it includes product names and numbers.

CTF Models

This is quite useful for identifying older G1 My Little Ponies

A rather old website but still good for helping you identify Grand Champion model horses.

This is a rather old website but it is really helpful if you want to ID My Beautiful Horse models. Again I've used it successfully for charity shop finds.

Strawberry Reef

This is a great site for identifying My Little Ponies. It can take some time to search but I've managed to ID all my random charity shop finds using it!

This is an Australian sales website but it has an incredibly comprehensive list of Schleich model horses. It contains information such as product name, number and release dates. I've used it to catalogue all my Schleich models.

I hope that helps you on your quest to identify your model horses and start cataloguing your collection. If you have any questions or want to recommend a website that you think will help others drop a comment below.

Sunday, 21 October 2018


Emerson is the third release in the Breyer Premier Collection for 2018.

He was sculpted as a portrait of American Pharoah and is being released in this lovely chestnut sabino colour.

Why is it the year I choose not to join the club two out of the three models are just stunning and now I need to find them for sale on the second hand market!