Monday, 29 October 2018

Pre-Show Anxiety

How do we deal with our pre-show anxiety? What if we forget something? What if I'm running a show and everything goes wrong? What if I have a car accident on the way? THINK OF ALL THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG!

When your naturally a bit of a worrier like I am it can be a nightmare in the run up to the show. So here are some top tips on how to deal with those pre-show nerves and worries, whether you are attending or hosting.

1. Write a List

Write a detailed list of all the things and horses you are going to take to the show. Then when you pack your horses or when you are packing prior to the show check things off your list. I recommend also writing a 'show morning' list so that you know exactly what you need to take and can check it off when you put the items in the car.

2. Be Organised

If you are hosting a show then make sure to plan well in advance. Create a list of all the jobs that need to be completed before the show and create a time table of when you are going to do them. Some jobs, such as a judging list, may not be completed until quite close to the show, but others such as printing off results list can be done well in advance so you make sure they are done.

Writing 'to do' lists well in advance also means that if there is something you have forgotten you have time to remember them and add them onto your list in the days before the show.

3. Ask to be seated next to someone you know

If you are nervous about attending a show ask the show host if you can be seated next to someone you know well. Maybe it's someone you've met before or someone you chat to online. Having that person to reach out to will give you the confidence to start approaching new people and making new friends.

4. Read Blog Posts etc. in Advance

Particularly if it is your first show taking a look at Blog posts and show pics in advance can help you understand what to expect on the day. Many Blogs and websites feature guides and tips on attending your first live show and these can be really helpful.

5. Print Out Directions

If you are worried about getting lost print off the directions from the show schedule and plan your journey out the night before. Using tools such as Google Streetview can be really helpful to ensure that you know exactly where you are going.

6. Travel Together

If you are nervous why not travel with someone? There are plenty of showers out there who can't drive and would probably really appreciate the lift! They will usually also contribute towards the petrol money. Then at least if one of you is late, both of you are late!

7. Pack Well

Take time with your packing and pack your models well to help prevent breakages. Packing a few days before the show when you have more time may result in your models spending a long time boxed but will prevent any nasty breakages (obviously avoid this if it is boiling hot and you are packing custom finished models).

8. Ask Questions in Advance

Not sure where your model should go? Have other questions? Ask the show holder in advance so that you are prepared on the day and won't be asked to move your horses.

Print out your map in advance so that you know where you are going! Sat navs can't always be trusted...

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