Monday, 30 January 2012

Chestnut Ridge Charity Customizing Contest

The voting has closed and the winners have been decided so I thought I would do a quick post to show you the winning horses.

1st place went to this beautiful appaloosa painted by Lacey Shaline Marshall:

2nd place went to one of my own customs a light grey G3 TWH:

And third place went to a set of purple unicorns by Elizabeth Hibbard!!!

I am hoping to do another contest soon. If you would like to enter or want details of the eBay auctions when they are put up just comment :D

Mane Stages

I finished the mane on the Sagr on Friday and thought I would show you the steps by which I completed it.

The first step was to obviously remove the whole of the mane. I used a dremel tool to hack most of the mane off and then sanded the rest down. Unfortunately I was left with a few holes once this was finished as the plastic simply wasn't thick enough:

These had to be filled. I used Amazing Sculpt to fill the holes and let it dry for 24 hours before sanding it down:

Once it was sanded I started on the mane. I did a lot of experimenting but eventually ended up using a sort of triangle technique forming triangles and then tooling them into the right shape. I started at the base of the neck and worked upwards to make it look more natural. I used a tool to gently lift the mane off to give it the windswept appearance:

A lot more tooling and sculpting later and finishing with alcohol spirit and the mane was left to dry. The horse was left wedged in a drawer so the mane naturally fell back and dried windswept:

The primer is currently drying (it hadn't been applied here) so more updates next week. Not bad for my second ever attempt at mane resculpting!