Monday, 16 January 2012

First Customs of 2012

Over the weekend I finished my first customs of 2012. I started the first on Friday and finished her Sunday and the second one was completely done (or dun) Sunday morning.

The first custom is a Schleich Arabian mare. She has been painted to a heavily contrasting bay, with lots of definition and reverse dapples on her side. She has four white socks and a white star.

The second was done for a colour sheet on the 'dun' colour. I will publish some of the development pictures just as soon as I have uploaded them onto my computer! She is a Classic scale Duchess done to a lovely golden dun (now you get the dun joke) and is rather pretty. I added a tiny bit of gold into her paint mix so that she has a slight glisten to her coat. It makes her look rather beautiful.

So here they both are whilst still in progress. I left them with their sealant drying yesterday so will post pictures of what they look like finished and glossed at the Weekend for you.

This picture is from the side with the flash:

Hope you like them both. I adore the dun she is just so pretty.

Your challenge for the day is to work out how many times I said done/dun in that was far to many I'm sure!