Saturday, 13 October 2018

Updated Supreme Champion Data

I've been inputting the more recent data into the Supreme Champion spreadsheet, weirdly despite inputting nearly all of this year's champions hardly any of the data has actually changed from the beginning of the year!

The top finish is still Artist Resin

The top colour is still Grey

The top breed is now a joint between Warmblood and Appaloosa. Warmblood has now officially overtake Thoroughbred (5%) which now stands joint with Paint Horses (5%). Both Appaloosa & Warmblood are on 6%.

In Hand entries are still by far more popular (it would be more interesting to see whether at shows that involved both performance and in hand which was the more popular choice).

And Scene is still the most popular choice for a performance Supreme Champion by far.

So little to report! There are still a few more shows this year and I am missing a lot of data from over the Summer because I had a break and can't find images for a lot of shows. So if you think you've got some data to contribute (UK shows only please) get in touch :D

I got bored and threw together this as well:

Image may contain: text

So yes, if you want to win according to the data you need a Grey Artist Resin Warmblood :)