Monday, 26 February 2018

My Favourite 2018 Breyers

Here are my Top 5 Favourites from this year's Breyer range:

1. Mason

I absolutely love this year's Horse of the Year. It's a beautiful sculpture in a really nice pose and the colouration looks lovely. Definitely adding this one to my show string!

2. Mystery Horse Surprise Stablemates

First of all who doesn't like surprises? Secondly what a beautiful selection of models. You wouldn't be disappointed with any of the choices from this set they are all really gorgeous.

3. Day Dreamer

Every year I add the decorator Classic to my collection and this year will be no exception. Day Dreamer is a lovely translucent colour. She is much much nicer in person than her promo pics.

4. Wild at Heart

No it isn't just because there is a G2 Appaloosa. The colour on all four of these Stablemates is really lovely, I particularly like the Reiner.

5. Suncatcher Stablemates

It was between this and the Glow in the Dark set but I think this is a really lovely and fun set. It encourages you to do something completely different to your normal customising and the pieces actually come out really nice, even with limited skill!