Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Purple Unicorn

I wish all my customers gave me commissions like this.

I love to do a commission and when it's finished know that I love it. I really do love this girl, even though she is a pain to photograph.

The brief was basically a purple mulberry grey with a Unicorn horn. It was a bit more detailed than that but you get the idea.

Photography of this girl was difficult. The flash photos give the best idea of the colour of the mane and tail (Cadbury's Purple issues again).

Her body is a very light lilac with purple shading in different colours.

Her mane and tail are a Cadbury's purple with clear gold glitter added over the top.

The horn is sculpted from Amazing sculpt and painted gold to match the ribbons and hooves.

Her shading was done in pastels and was designed to replicate that of a real grey horse.

Her eyes were done just like real horse eyes but with a few changes. Instead of red for the 'veining' I used lilac (everyone knows Unicorn blood is lilac) and the iris' are purple with some gold added.

Overall I think she is subtle and beautiful and most importantly her new mummy loves her. She's happy, I'm happy and I can't wait to see this girl at some live shows next year!

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