Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mare & Foal Photoshow Results

Thank you to everyone who took part. I'm so sorry these took so long to do (computers, I hate computers).

Under 13 Years

1st Place - Midnight & Twilight (Rachel Bygrave)

2nd Place - Custard & Kitty (Ella Mitchell)

3rd Place - Kentucky Rose & Kentucky Blossom (Rachel Bygrave)

4th Place - Azar & Cara (Ella Mitchell)

5th Place - Verity & Firefly (Rachel Bygrave)

6th Place - Millie & Polly (Ella Mitchell)

13-18 Years

1st Place - Wind Dreamer & Seadance (Iana Moczar)

2nd Place - 2D & Noodle (Izzy Gordon)

3rd Place - Patches & Juliette (Emily Bone)

4th Place - Dancer & Emerald (Emily Judge)

5th Place - Princess & Icicle (Emily Bone)

6th Place - Cookie & Ash (Emily Judge)

Over 18 Years

1st Place - Twilight Sparkle & Butterfly Flip (Agnetha Gothe)

2nd Place - Silfurland & Jonsmess (Agnetha Gothe)

3rd Place - Silkisif & Litla (Agnetha Gothe)

4th Place - Tilly Trotter & Tara (Nickie Pywell)

5th Place - No No Nannett & Paddy (Nickie Pywell)

6th Place - Cleopatra & Cupid (Lydia O'Donoghue)

Dun Phar Lap Test Piece

A new test piece has been released! Not to my taste, love the colour, not the mould. Still going to enter for it :p