Thursday, 8 September 2016

2016 Breyer Retire List

Well here it is!

There are some interesting ones in there. Classic singles and mares and foals retiring must mean new Classic singles *yay*

The Horse Crazy Singles are also being retired, would love it if they are replaced.

Several Best of British models are going, wonder if we will see more or if they are finishing off the range.


If that is too small there is a PDF here:

Some New Customs

Finally getting my life back on track a bit, which means I've actually been painting a little bit.

That said it isn't going too well. The two Schleich's I've done have been far from perfect and I've managed to turn my two golden buckskins orange. O and my bay went through a bit of an orange phase as well but I've managed to tone that down!

So things aren't going great but here are a few completed pieces, including some I started but lost the reference for, so had to improvise a bit!

First up is a blue roan G3 Paint horse commission. This has gone to a club member, you get one free Stablemate commission as part of your membership.

Second is a blue roan CollectA Appaloosa commission (complete coincidence that two people wanted to the same colour at the same time). This was an upgrade from the free Stablemate commission that was won as part of our Rio Games Treasure Hunt.

And now onto the not so successful bunch...

A buckskin

A palomino

One of the nicer ones, a little bay mini whinnie

Black pinto cob

And finally the mosaic horse. He's actually rather lovely but has so many flaws in his finish, which is such a pity. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong with this horse!

So there we go, my favourite has to be the blue roan CollectA. That colour works really well on the mould. A lovely looking piece.