Thursday, 20 September 2018

A Step Away from Perfection

Do you ever feel really low about your work? You see all these pretty horses that people have painted online and could never be that good?

Well rest assured everyone started somewhere! And that somewhere was not great...

So for today's blog post we are going to take a trip down memory lane and have a look at some of those "yea I'd rather forget that" moments from my customising past!

Feel free to laugh!

(entries for Worst Custom By Owner classes can definitely be found here)!

Check out that over spray! She has black boobs :p

Gold muchly?

Aaa March you never ending winning Worst Custom by Owner entry!

What happens when you dip your horse in coal? This apparently.

What is this? Just what was I thinking!

The infamous cow pony!

Honestly this horse should come with some form of public health warning!

Paint doesn't make it better!

I encourage other artists out there to share their dark past horses! Let people know that they will improve!

And don't worry...even now I still create offences to model horse kind...

WEG Postal Show Results

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our WEG postal show :D We hope you really enjoyed it and love your new rosettes which are in the post and on their way to you!

For those who haven't seen the results and certificates can be found on our website here:

But for those who are too lazy to click a link the results are below:

1 - Endurance

1st - Athame owned by TM
2nd - Firebrand owned by SC
3rd - Prince Caspian owned by SD
4th - Desert Dream owned by HL
5th - Desert MoonRise owned by IM

2 - Reining

1st - Doctordonna owned by SC
2nd - Indy owned by SD
3rd - Dun to Perfect owned by TM
4th - Goldie owned by SC
5th - Isadora Cruce owned by HL
6th - Saturn's Dance owned by IM

3 - Dressage Grand Prix

1st - Dakota owned by TM
2nd - Enigma owned by SC
3rd - Pride of Vole owned by SD

4 - Dressage Grand Prix Special

1st - Roly Fox owned by SD

5 - Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle

1st - Sun Girl owned by HL
2nd - Jedi owned by SD
3rd - Chaucer owned by SC
4th - Phoenix owned by TM
5th - Science and Faith owned by IM

6 - Eventing - Dressage

1st - Mickelin owned by TM
2nd - Fleetwood Fox owned by SD
3rd - Watercolour owned by SC
4th - Valegro owned by HL
5th - Autumn's Glow owned by IM

7 - Eventing - Cross Country

1st - Domino owned by SC
2nd - Echo owned by TM
3rd - Presant owned by SC
4th - Acarmas of Athens owned by IM
5th - Mr. Blue Sky owned by SD
6th - Smarty Jones owned by HL

8 - Eventing - Show Jumping

1st - High Flyer owned by SC
2nd - Silver Stone owned by SC
3rd - Gemini owned by TM
4th - Light owned by HL
5th - Endless Skies owned by IM
6th - Doublet owned by SD

9 - Paradressage Grade I

1st - Moon owned by HL

11 - Paradressage Grade III

1st - Black Pearl owned by IM

14 - Vaulting Individual

1st - Night owned by HL

15 - Vaulting Freestyle

1st - Bear owned by HL
2nd - Alexandrite owned by IM

16 - Jumping - Speed

1st - Bothwell owned by SD
2nd - Castiel owned by TM
3rd - Sky Full of Song owned by IM

17 - Jumping Freestyle

1st - Caranto owned by TM
2nd - Zephyrus owned by IM
3rd - Frankel owned by HL
4th - Persian Red owned by SD

18 - Driving Dressage

1st - Berlin, Lex's Captain, Watson D and Baccardi owned by TM

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