Cremello Tutorial

I have a special Wednesday treat for you *yay*.

This is a Cremello tutorial, taken from our Guide to Customizing. You can buy the full guide here:

So let's get going!

You Will Need:
  • Prepped Model Horse Body
  • Reference Picture
  • Paint (shell, white, red, light blue, black, stone)
  • Pastels (light pink, dark yellow)
  • Sealant
  • Gloss
Please note - always take care when following tutorials and read any safety instructions on the products you are using. Always paint in a well aired room wearing old clothes with a sheet to cover the floor.

This tutorial does not include a guide to painting blue eyes, but I've included a brief description!


Step 1

You will need to use a well prepped body and a good reference picture. I am using a G2 Shetland. Your model should be prepped with white primer.

Step 2

Mix a little shell coloured paint (I am using 'Elf Flesh' by Games Workshop for this tutorial) with some white paint. It needs to be very pale in colour. Cover the whole horse.

Step 3

Take a pink pastel and shade the horse's muzzle, eyes and genitalia. Seal your horse.

Step 4

Take a little dark yellow pastel and shade the horse's muscles. Seal your horse.

Step 5

Now finish off the horses details.

The Eyes

The eyes need to be blue in colour. Do a base of flesh coloured paint. Secondly add some white paint with a tiny bit of red mixed in. Thirdly do the Iris in a light blue colour with a little bit of white. Finally add an oblong shaped pupil in black.

The Hooves

Use a shell coloured or light brown coloured paint for your hooves. You can add detail with pencils if you wish.

The Chestnuts

Use the stone coloured paint to do the horses chestnuts. They should be above the knee on the front legs and below the knee on the back legs.

Step 6

Finally seal your horse one last time. Then gloss the hooves, eyes, nostrils and the edge of the lips.

Enjoy your gorgeous new cremello model!

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