Saturday, 12 January 2013

Justadream Unicorn Project

Thought I'd share some pictures with you of my latest project! This is a Just a Dream that is being slowly made into a unicorn stallion.

Today I carved out the hooves and split them, altered the ears so they were finer and spikier, altered the face so that it is more Roman than dished and added the horn. O and I added the dock for hairing as well.

Here she is as she stands at the moment

Slightly less horsey hooves!

You can sorta see the carving out here:

A better idea of how the horn will end up!

Drying with a John Henry body holding the horn up!

Brown Leather Headcollar

This was a commission piece, it's done on my basic 'leather headcollar' template in brown leather with gold hardware. Made to fit Traditional scale light horses

Meet You At the Live Shows :D

Hi guys :D I thought I would do a quick blog post to let you all know what shows I have paid for so far this year. That way we can meet up and talk and general stuffs :p Most of you already know me but for those who don't please come over and say hi! It's always great to put faces to names!

So here we have it the list of paid for shows:


UH Workshop - 9th


Southern Roundup - 16th
Just Cruisin' - 23rd


Springtime Showtime - 20th


Didmarton Live - 18th


Glitz & Glamour Pageant Live - 22nd & 23rd


Didmarton Live II - 13th


ASOTH - 4th