Friday, 13 May 2016

Ardennes Stallion

Deborah McDermott has released her new CollectA Ardennes stallion as a resin edition.

You can find him on her etsy store.

The model may not really be 'new' but the resin edition is.

I really like him and quite like the idea of having a resin one, there is definite temptation here!

Anyway pictures and to purchase:

Premier Club Blind Bags

If you are a Breyer Premier Club Member this year then the blind bags are back!

I've entered on the assumption that if it is a model I don't want I can either sell it on or donate it to Cantering Carousel next year.

Although secretly hoping for either a Bobby Jo, who can then go off to Deb Brown, or one of the year 1 models (I still don't have them)