Monday, 29 February 2016

Loughnatousa Fabio

Another Copperfox has been released!

I'm not a fan of the mould or colour on this one, so definitely a pass from me. But it is nice to see a light bay model, you don't get many.

Friday, 26 February 2016

D'Abernon Tiger Woods and Cadno

Two more Copperfox models have been revealed.

The first is the black Welsh Cob D'Abernon Tiger Woods

The second is a new colour on the Connemara mould, Cadno


Check out the Sunday raffle model!

He looks absolutely gorgeous in this colour

Sunday Raffle 2
Sunday Raffle 1

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Seeking Articles

It's that time again!

I put a call out earlier but here is our second call for articles for the first magaine of the year.

The theme of the magazine is:


What you write is up to you, it should have a model horse or equine theme.

Authors receive a free copy of the magazine or advertising space (up to one page). Their choice.

Please email any articles to: before the 29th February 2016


Winter Live 2016

Well as far as I'm concerned best show of the year so far :) It was a great day, small and friendly, really relaxed and some absolutely beautiful rosettes on offer.

Massive thank you to Cicci (show host) and Maria (judge) for making it such a great day...roll on next year!

The show was a CM & AR show with classes for Workmanship, AA, CM and AR.

Here is a link to all my pictures:

And some highlights:

Pretty ponies

I love this little spotty guy

A really bad out of focus picture of Fehran getting a rosette!

Gorgeous Warmblood

Cute little black hairy thing :p

Gorgeous Thoroughbred

Ghost is very proud of his rosette

Spotty pony!

The colour on this guy is just stunning.

My very loved Lovelace


Less spots...more DAPPLES

Adorable little foaly

Very proud of Hubububa!

Another very pretty horse (check out Zane in the back looking sexy as ever)

Gorgeous face

One of my favourite models on the show circuit

Very nice foaly

Mystic Water getting a pretty rosette

And a bad picture of Alaric getting one as well!

Lovely CM ID, look at those ears!

A blue Unicorn!

Pudding doing really well as always, I won this horse in a raffle, nobody else really wanted her. I don't even like her that much (sorry Pudding but your not really my cup of tea) but she does incredibly well at shows!

Workmanship Champion

Workmanship Reserve Champion

Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve Champion

Supreme Reserve to Reserve Champion

Friday, 19 February 2016

Bicycle Race

I'd like you to meet Bicycle Race, finished off today.

He is a varnish roan pinto (pintaloosa) on the Mini Whinnie Trotting Drafter Mould

He has just a few spots

And pinto markings

He is a raffle prize for OMG Orange OF Live


Introducing Bibbidi-Bobbido-Boo

She is a portrait of a real Gypsy Vanner stallion called Cobalt, described as White Blagdon, he is basically a max white sabino.

She is a teeny tiny night heather resin, can't remember how many of these I've done now! Still got five left to paint, just adore them so much :D

Boo will be donated to the raffle at OMG Orange OF Live.