Friday, 19 October 2018

Finding That Perfect Model

The thing I love most about the new look Chestnut Ridge is that you have the opportunity to see the model you are purchasing in advance.

No longer do you just get an image like this:

Which is great, you can see the product, but you don't know what your exact horse will be like. Will it be darker? lighter? will it have rubs? Will it be showing condition? What does it actually look like 'in the flesh'?

Now you get to choose a horse by seeing pictures like this:

Shown is the CollectA Mangalarga Marchador.

Essentially you receive the exact same model, it's still a brand new CollectA with tags attached. The only difference is that you can see the model in advance and know exactly what your getting. You won't need to return it because your model is rubbed, because you'll be able to tell in advance. Want a slightly darker or lighter variation? We offer you the choice of several different models so you can find your favourite.

You also have the chance to see what they look like in the flesh, great when the manufacturer pictures aren't that great!

It's definitely a unique way to buy model horses and I wish that I'd had the choice of such a dealer 10 years ago! I'm so lucky that now I can pick and choose my models, to find the right one for me :)