Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Painty Painty Painty

I'm already doing so much better than last year when it comes to actually painting some of my horses. I hardly got any done last year but this year we seem to be on a roll. Still don't really have the enthusiasm for it and forcing myself probably isn't good but I appear to be able to create some half decent items despite a complete creative block.

First up is CRS Spectral Zenith (Nadir) (beautifully named by the Chestnut Ridge Facebook fans).

Nadir is a gorgeous pewter pegasus that was given to me by a friend. I wanted to do something rainbowy and colourful but didn't want something completely OTT for once. So I went for a pastel rainbow effect.

I'm so proud of this little guy, he's already BMECS qualified both in workmanship and in hand. Photos really don't do him justice.

Second is another of my many Maggie Bennett pewter minis. This is my second lying down mare to be painted (I have another one yet to do). I wanted something a bit different so went for a chestnut brindle.

She has been named CRS Mystique Summers Madison (if you recognise the name then you are AWESOME).

Next up are two sales pieces although one has already sold.

The first is a teeny tiny night heather painted to a blue roan. I don't do many roans so thought it would be nice to have something different.

The second may seem a little boring but I think was quite sensible. She has been done to a solid black so that she can actually be shown as a Fell Pony! She is the first one I've done that is actually an appropriate colour for her breed, so will make a nice little show horse.

She is for sale here: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/big-tune-ignition-35617-p.asp

Don't they all look gorgeous together as a group?

Lots of Tack Making

I've been a busy potato these last few days throwing together some new tack pieces. All are for sale (although one has already sold) and you can order all of them at www.chestnutridge.co.uk

First up is a classic scale halter showmanship halter (I use the term classic in the loosest sense of the word). I have piles and piles of Rio Rondo kits so thought it might be a good idea to start working through them. I do rather dispute their large classic sizes but it sort of suits Traditional scale ponies (although is too large for the Hackney as you can see).

Doesn't he look proud of himself for his modelling skills?

For sale at: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/pony-showmanship-halter-35619-p.asp

Next up are the bridles. All are my simple bridle design, quick and easy to make and nice and cheap, perfect for those on a budget. I've been making a few in different leather colours so that I can update the website with new images for the different product options.

Thank you to this random AQH mare I found in my body box for her very skilled modelling.

First up is black

This one has already sold I'm afraid.

Second up is blue (I do like making blue tack, not entirely sure why but it just looks rather fun).

For sale at: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/blue-simple-bridle-35622-p.asp

And finally is natural (this bridle is possessed by a demon, it took me 20 minutes to get the noseband and the throat lash to both do up, although partially my own fault for skiving the leather too thin).

For sale at: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/natural-simple-bridle-35624-p.asp

Next up will be to make a white bridle then I'll have a complete colour set (there is already a brown one on the website). Yay for bridles!