Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Model of the Day - Poltergeist

Our model of the day today is CRS Cinderella aka Poltergeist. I got Poltergeist last year after it was returned by a customer due to minor damage to the base. He is such a gorgeous model I couldn't resist keeping him for myself!

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Name: Poltergeist
Show Name: CRS Cinderella
Breed: Decorator
Colour: Decorator
Gender: Stallion
Scale: Traditional
Brand: Breyer
Model Number: 1763
Model Name: Poltergeist
Mould: Ruffian
Year Produced: 2016
Face Markings: White Face
Leg Markings: 1x Sock & 2x Stockings
Finish: Matte
Year Purchased: 2016
Unique ID Code: 955
Best Live Show Placing: None

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

New Arrivals

I'm so behind in updating everything and everyone that I haven't introduced several new ponies, so here they all are in one post :) Four new ponies and a DINOSAUR!

First up is Goldie, I picked her up at a live show last month, I just couldn't resist how chavvy she was!

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(she even has an ear piercing)

Next up is this gorgeous little Julip. He was a bit of an impulse purchase but I adore him :) He has such pretty colouration. I have named him Mars Bar

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Now we have my two Vintage Club Stablemates, Liquorice and Jellybean. I'm not sure which way round they are but we are going with this one as Jellybean:

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And this one as Liquorice

Image may contain: food

And finally....we have a customer return who is going to live with me. His name is Tim. Or Tim the Tiny Dinosaur to be more exact. Watch out I'm going to go waaaay too OTT photographing him!

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This guy is one of the Schleich T-Rex Minis we got in stock a couple of weeks ago. They are really mini and just adorable! Perfect for fun performance set ups or just messing around. Best part? They are only £2.99 each!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Model of the Day - Snow

Our model of the day today is a little different from our usual models :p

Image may contain: food

Name: Snow
Show Name: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Breed: Dutch
Colour: Chocolate & White
Gender: Female
Type: Rabbit
Scale: Classic
Brand: Julip
Face Markings: White Muzzle
Leg Markings: 2x White Legs
Finish: Matte
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 906

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Showmanship Halter

Yesterday I finished off this gorgeous Showmanship halter commission piece

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This piece was ordered by a customer and I think you'll agree it looks lush

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These are one of my favourite things to make and they aren't expensive, I've had great success with my Western Showmanship performance entries, not an expensive thing to do but executed well it can be a really effective entry.

If you would like to order a halter they are just £20.00 each and available in a variety of standard designs and colours (I'm happy to order in extra leather to do something really fancy if you like, remember that cool purple one I did earlier in the year?)

Anyway you can order them here:

Bay Roan Roy Test Piece

Not a massive fan of this guy, he almost looks flocked in that colour! Now that would be cool!

 Bay Roan Roy Test Piece

If you would like to enter for him entries are open now for Breyer Collector's Club members. Just head on over to and sign in

 Bay Roan Roy Test Piece

2018 Stablemate Club

The 2018 Stablemate club is now open to join!

We've already seen this little cutey:

 2018 Stablemates Collector's Club International

But Breyer have also announced the first release, Kohana, isn't he lush?


And I know we've all already seen it in JAH but just in case you haven't the new little tiny Breyer boxes and the moulds being used for 2018

Check out the new mould bottom right! ALSO MULE!!!!!!

Win a Breyer Man O' War

Want to get your paws on the gorgeous new Breyer Man O' War model?

Then head on over to the Chestnut Ridge Facebook page!

Our 10th anniversary celebrations are nearly over, but don't worry you still have a chance to win a Breyer if you haven't won one already.

You can find out all the information on how to enter to win this month's prize here:

Image may contain: text

Popular Votes Photoshows - November 2017

November's show is now open! This month's show is for custom finish model horses.

This can be anything from a custom Schleich to a beautifully repainted and resculpted custom Breyer, all customs are welcome :D

If you are new to Popular Votes Photoshows then please make sure to read the rules carefully first. This free photoshow series is open to all and is a great way to show your model horses each month.

Congratulations to October's Champion Freckled Warrior owned by Rebecca Hawkmountain.

Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Win a Custom Leopard Spot Foal

Well as it's spotty month I thought I would offer a pretty special prize.

Now I haven't painted him yet but I'm sure he will be gorgeous. The winning foal will be miniature, Stablemate or Paddock Pal scale. He will be leopard spot in colour but that's the only hint you are getting!

To win him you are going to need to do a bit of writing (I know work right *urgh*) but don't worry it will be fun :D

You can write either an essay or a story, it could be a real life tale or it could be a fictional story based on your own model horse yard.

The theme is: Your Story

The story must be in some way model horse related (either your own story with model horses or a fictional story based on your model horse yard - or anything else that you think fits).

The best entry will be featured on the Chestnut Ridge website. We may also feature pieces on our Blog, website and magazine. So you must be comfortable with your writing being available publicly. If you submit images with your piece make sure they are your own and you are happy with them being published.

For full information on how to enter please visit our website here:

Here is a cute little foal painted a few years ago as a fun example :D

No automatic alt text available.

Spotted Photoshow

This month's theme is spotted horses so of course we are running a spotted photoshow.

This photoshow is for any spotted coloured model horse (we are using spotted not appaloosa because this show is open to any breed or type not just Appaloosa horses).

The horse can show any type of spotted colouration and can be of any breed or type, just no decorator or fantasy models please.

This model horse photoshow is completely free to enter and is open to all. All our photoshows have certificates for 1st-6th place and a rosette and goody bag for the winners. We run a new show each month so definitely keep checking back for the next show!

Our shows are split by age so don't worry if you aren't very experienced, we have a huge variety of entrants of all abilities.

Top Tip! 

Make sure you can see the entire horse in the photograph.

If you would like to enter this show please visit our website for full details:

Image result for schleich appaloosa

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Griffin and Calvin

My latest Breyer USA parcel arrived last week and inside we had Griffin along with my second Calvin.

Griffin is the latest Breyer Collector's Club Web Special. He is a rather orange palomino hence why Brendon has named him CRS Donald Trump!

Image may contain: horse

And next up is my second Calvin. The two colours I wanted were the blue blanket spot and the bay blanket spot, well clearly the god's were with me because my second one was the bay!

Image may contain: horse

I've named him Napoleon (as we already have Calvin number one :p). He is rather lush.

Friday, 3 November 2017


Bristol is the first release in the 2018 Premier Club.

The 2018 club is now open to join at if you wish to sign up.

Bristol is sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn.

I'm really excited for a new jumper! But sadly finances won't allow for PC membership next year, so will just have to seek one out on the second hand market instead.


Rosalind and Rigel

The latest Breyer Web Specials are just STUNNING! A gorgeous Unicorn mare and foal on the Giselle and Gilen moulds.

They are currently only available to Collector's Club members but will be on general sale shortly.

Carina and Selene

I've been so busy I've failed to give you loads of exciting Breyer related updates!

So first up are the third Premier Release of the year. No idea breed wise what I'm going to show these as but they are lush

Carina and Selene

Just look at that squishy little foal!

 Carina and Selene