Tuesday, 28 November 2017

New Arrivals

I'm so behind in updating everything and everyone that I haven't introduced several new ponies, so here they all are in one post :) Four new ponies and a DINOSAUR!

First up is Goldie, I picked her up at a live show last month, I just couldn't resist how chavvy she was!

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(she even has an ear piercing)

Next up is this gorgeous little Julip. He was a bit of an impulse purchase but I adore him :) He has such pretty colouration. I have named him Mars Bar

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Now we have my two Vintage Club Stablemates, Liquorice and Jellybean. I'm not sure which way round they are but we are going with this one as Jellybean:

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And this one as Liquorice

Image may contain: food

And finally....we have a customer return who is going to live with me. His name is Tim. Or Tim the Tiny Dinosaur to be more exact. Watch out I'm going to go waaaay too OTT photographing him!

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This guy is one of the Schleich T-Rex Minis we got in stock a couple of weeks ago. They are really mini and just adorable! Perfect for fun performance set ups or just messing around. Best part? They are only £2.99 each!

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