Wednesday, 27 September 2017


I know I haven't been around much recently but there was no way I wasn't going to organise some BMECS related fun!

Whether you are attending or not there is plenty of fun and games for you to try out.


First of all you need to make sure you are following Chestnut Ridge on Facebook:

Next up you will need to look through the posts.

There are 20 quiz questions for you to answer over the next few days. They vary from guessing who will win a section, to predicting some of my own horses placings to answering questions about BMECS.

The person with the highest score (out of 20) will win a goody bag! In the event of a draw a winner will be chosen at random.

The quiz is already underway and there are some interesting and exciting guesses going on :D

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An example question would be guessing which breed/type of horse is going to win the AR championship.


We have two treasure hunts running on Instagram. Which one you do depends on whether or not you are attending BMECS. Upload all the images to win a voucher!

The deadline for both is 23.59GMT 01/10/2017

Attending BMECS?

If you are attending BMECS all your images must be taken at BMECS 2017.

You must upload them with #BMECS2017attending

Please also tag @chestnutridgemodelhorses

Here is the full list:

(1) Crackers
(2) Chestnut Ridge Stand
(3) A Grey Horse
(4) Something Shiny
(5) Food
(6) Show Ring
(7) Rosette
(8) Your Table
(9) Something Funny
(10) Bridle

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Not attending BMECS?

If you are not attending BMECS then your images should be uploaded as below

You must upload them with #BMECS2017notattending

Please also tag @chestnutridgemodelhorses

(1) Bay Horse
(2) Some Tack
(3) Funny Scene
(4) Horse Outside
(5) Something You Created
(6) Carrot
(7) Something Cute
(8) Non-Equine
(9) Photoshow Picture
(10) Paint

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Hey look an excuse to order Goblin :D

Meet Calvin, a gambler's choice horse available to Collector's Club members. I like all the colours but would not be disappointed with blue!

Look how shiny he is...

This model is Classic scale and on the Show Stock Horse mould. The chestnut appears to have a slightly different tail like Capricorn.