Sunday, 28 October 2018

My Ten Favourite Unicorns

Obviously I love all my unicorns equally. It's just that some unicorns are more equal than others.

1. CRS Rainbow Romance (Skyler)

Breyer 97258 Skyler

2. CRS Cassiopeia (Alaric)

Breyer Alaric the Unicorn Stallion

3. CRS Dragon's Claw (Alida)

Breyer 3364 Alida with Elidor

4. CRS Crystal Ball (Elidor)

Breyer 3364 Alida with Elidor

5. CRS Nashira (Celestia)

Animal Artistry Venus Unicorn with Cat painted by Catriona Harris

6. CRS Alkharif (Celia)

Animal Artistry Venus Unicorn in Dapple Grey

7. CRS Cyanide Rainbow (Cyanide)

Animal Artistry Mule Unicorn

8. CRS Mystic Water (Mystic)

HA Kilimanjaro Resin painted by Catriona Harris

9. CRS Candleshoe (Candle)

Schleich 70570 Se Unicorn Mare

10. CRS Zeus (Zeus)

RubberNedz Rearing Andalusian Unicorn