Tuesday, 16 September 2014


This is the first of my raffle prize donations for BMECS. Buzz is a rather cute little pony who can't wait to find his long term home.


His horn is a bit ridiculous!

Will you be his new friend?


This is the second of my BMECS raffle prize donations.

'Pride' sums up my general motto in life, because less is never ever more.

The two raffle prizes completed so far who are hanging out on the shelf together

Gooitzen fan Teakesyl

I'm calling him GFT for short :p Mainly because I can't pronounce that name!

He is the BF Goffert who I had picked up for me. I picked him up off the wonderful Keren at Didmarton on Saturday.

Here he is with the regular run Goffert

Some New Tack

I'm starting to work my way through the huge list of tasks to get done for BMECS.

One of the things is to get some new sales pieces done for my sales table.

I made a massive dent in this *cough* by making a headcollar...

Second up is Pumpkin. Last year he got a 1st place but was wearing a borrowed tack set. This year Pumpkin is able to use Hot Shot's saddle and rider but needed a breastplate and bridle.

I started with his breastplate. He got a nice yellow and black one with added gems (all the way from Canada). A lot more blingy than his old orange and black one!

Just needs a bridle now!