Thursday, 4 October 2012

BMECS Is Coming Up!

Whilst the real horse world enjoys HOYS the model horse community of the UK is gearing up for the model horse event of the year! BMECS or the British Model Horse Equine Championship is this Saturday and marks the end of the UK's show season.

For those who don't know BMECS is the UK equivalent of NAN or DUN or the model horse equivalent of HOYS. It is a qualifying live show, that means that all the horses who are being shown at this event must have placed either 1st or 2nd at a qualifying show. So these are the best horses competing against each other to see who is the best of the best!

On a personal level I have over 160 individual horses qualified. This include performance set ups though and some of those have several different horses in (such as my American Wagon Set). I packed several weeks ago (which isn't ideal but with University starting I had to). My horses are packed into around 10 different boxes with lots of peripheral boxes as well.

I am also doing the photography this year, which essentially means doing what I normally do at live shows but this time I have to ensure that my photographs are half decent at least! I am also working on getting Brendon to do some recording so that all my YouTube followers get a piece of the action! If you are not following me on YouTube then WHY NOT?!?! :p You can follow this link here:

So I will probably do another post tomorrow and then a post will come Sunday probably letting you know how I got on! Here's hoping for some new glass wear this year *fingers crossed*