Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ten Tools the Model Horse Collector Cannot be Without

There are some things in life you just can't live without, like guinea pigs, but today I am going to list my 10 tools that no model horse collector should be without. Obviously this is subjective, but still, most important!

1. Sticky Wax

Can you imagine life without it? Probably not. You don't have to be a performance shower to appreciate the multitude of necessary uses for sticky wax. Whether it is making sure that irritating mini whinnie stands up or holding a bit in place. Also quite good for repairing odd things on show days! Yes I have sticky waxed a leg back on a horse....

2. Blusher brush

Without these our models would just be dusty. No we don't understand how they get dusty in pouches or in locked cabinets or boxes. But they do. I'm not sure there is a model horse owner who doesn't own more make up brushes for their horses than themselves...

3. Tweezers

These are invaluable. When working with tiny things sometimes fingers are just too large. Also quite good for getting splinters out (or in my case small bits of plastic/model horse that embedded in my hand after a dremel incident).

4. Scissors

Several pairs (obviously). One should have at least three pairs of large scissors and probably at least two or three of smaller ones and some nail scissors and back up scissors and live show scissors and general scissors and scissors for other members of the house hold and emergency scissors.

5. Pastels

Even if you don't customise pastels are essential. In particular a black pastel. Ear tip rubs are a nightmare but last minute touch ups are no problem for those of us with pastels in our bag (or box...don't keep pastels in bags...). Also they are great for customising. And if your cat sits in them they can turn their legs funny colours.

6. Paint brushes

Like pastels even if you don't customise these are invaluable. Good for adding pastel touch ups but also good for dusting really tiny areas of the horse if you have a very soft one, they can really get into those mane cracks. Also invaluable for customising!

7. A computer!

Without it I wouldn't be writing this. I wouldn't have all those horse records neatly saved or the photographs or be able to shop online and buy ponies! This of how much of the hobby is based online nowadays. Yes we all still love those paper newsletters but without a computer (and internet access for that matter) we miss out on so much!

8. Needle nose pliers

Like tweezers these are great for picking things up! But also essential for moving tiny bits of metal on tack or tack making. Because of their size they can often also be better than tweezers if you need to say, get a tiny horse in a tiny cabinet. Just don't embed them in your finger, that hurts.

9. Pens

Not just your average biro. But also some good quality sharpies and general markers. If in doubt a black marker can provide a last minute ear touch up (although pastels are better). Also you need these to write, whether it is filling out BMECS cards or writing down results, pens are important. And clearly you need a lot of them, because like scissors, they always disappear.

10. Files

Who knew model horses required so much admin? If you are like me you'll have boxes and folders and smaller folders and urgh so much paper work. Whether it is keeping accounts, certificates or your breed cards you need files. I'd recommend some general ones, some box ones and an A5 one for those breed cards.

So there we go, there are loads more things I can add but I think that will do! If you don't already have some of these in your model horse inventory then I cannot recommend enough you go out and get them!