Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Meet Daffodil

I had the week from hell last week and was in need of serious cheering up.

I needed something reasonably cheap but also rather cute (the RubberNedz unicorn was clearly out of the picture) and this little girl seemed to suit.

I don't really do AA resins, I'm more a china girl myself but Daffodil was just so pretty and chestnuty and had such a proud face (and a nicely inexpensive price tag) that I couldn't resist.

She has definitely cheered me up with her cheeky little face. She really stands out on the shelf!

So say hello to CRS Dancing Daffodils

I'm not sure she thinks much of Lovelace!

Lots of White

For some reason I have a weird ability to accidentally theme my days.

Today I've managed to have a finish of white items day. Not necessarily a bad thing as the two finished pieces are quite nice.

First up is my fourth bridle of the week (I'm on a bridle making frenzy). This one is done in white leather:

I've already listed it for sale here:

I also managed to finish off the first in my current batch of customs. This little guy is white grey:

I've given her the name Billy Brown.

I've also listed her for sale, you can view her listing here:

Of course finishing off a model means I have to choose a new reference picture for my next custom and a new victim. I wanted to do bird catcher spots but instead have decided to do those large white splodges that are thought to be attributed to fungal infections. Something a bit different.

And the victim? Well that particular honour has gone to a Schleich Hanoverian stallion.