Sunday, 12 June 2016

New Copperfox Horses

I'll do a full blog post about the day yesterday but for now here are my new ponies.

I bought five and came home with an extra special one for winning Supreme! (yes I cried...)

Couldn't believe it!

Here they are:

CRS The Princess (Princess)

Princess is a limited edition glossy Marble - one of nine

CRS Kenya Michaels (Cadno)

CRS Milan (Marble)

You can see the colour difference between these two.

CRS Jiggly Caliente (Bertie)

CRS Mumps (Trifle)

CRS Rubella (Henrietta)

I should explain that my Kickstarter Exmoor is called Measles. Hence Mumps and Rubella. I have a weird sense of humour...