Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 Reasons to Attend Kitty Kitty Live - Reason 1 - Exclusive Models

Every day for the next five days we will be bringing you some awesome reasons as to why you should attend Kitty Kitty Live.

Show Information

Date: 21st June (Kitty Kitty Live I) & 22nd June (Kitty Kitty Live II)

Classes for: OF, CM, AA, Julip, Miniature & Fun (identical on both days)

Location: Woodcote, Oxfordshire

Cost: £15.00 (general), £10.00 (less than 20 models), £5.00 (proxy)


Kitty Kitty Lives are UK based model horse live shows. If you would like to attend you can only attend one day and please just get in touch. You have to book your place in advance.

This show is a charity event in aid of Thames Valley Animal Welfare.


Kitty Kitty Lives will have some amazing exclusive models for you.

On each day there will be two Autism Awareness Horses available, priced at just £39.99. These Breyer models are colourful and fun and helping to raise money or a very good cause.

This model is not available at other UK Breyer dealers.

On each day there will also be six Breyer Stablemate Super Sporty sets. These fun sets contain four different Stablemate scale models. Priced at just £17.50 a set.

This set is not available at other UK Breyer dealers.

Chestnut Ridge will also have a selection of custom model horses and tack pieces, for sale first at Kitty Kitty Lives.

Our other sellers will also have a varied selection of items, many of which may not be available online or which have been created exclusively for the show.

Julip Originals will also be bringing along some models for you to browse through. This may be your chance to get your paws on something really really special.

Animal Artistry always have an incredible selection of gorgeous models. Definitely come along just to browse the eye candy on this stall!